Two Extended reviews have been added, namely Hasegawa's Kubel Wagon with BMW Side Car and Schwimmwagen with Kettenrad  though I have put together and painted the two kits many years ago. Except the figure in Kradmantel, the rest are of poor quality but fortunately, the vehicles are better. Images show both figs and vehicles with little improvements.  

Following a change and a donation, few sets of the impressive TQD Castings range on 1/72 WWII Germans have entered in my collection. Even if unpainted and without accompanied text, the images speak from themselves regarding the outstanding sculpture, high accuracy, brilliant poses, and wonderful anatomy characterising the figs issued by this white metal manufacturer. Direct links to the sets in case: 

Heer 1936-45 Bare Headed Summer Infantry 1 (TQD-GH9) ;

Heer 1936-45 Bare Headed Summer Infantry Inc MG34 (TQD-GH11) ;

1936-45 Great Coated Infantry Marching Inc MG34 (TQD-GH28) ;

1944 Ardennes Waffen SS Command (TQD-GS16)

Even labelled as 1/76 figures, in reality some sets put forward 1/72 toy-soldiers. Maybe it is good to know that one such case is encountered in  Millicast - German Volkstrum w/weapons & NCO (FIG059), the illustrious Scottish 1/76 resin manufacturer having several 1/72 sets in spite listing them as 1/76. Those figures are even in the tall side of 1/72, as it could be seen in the images accompanying a quite comprehensive review, though for the moment the minis are unpainted.   

After quite a long absence of updates due to several long work travels abroad I had to make (even at present I am not home), here there is the review of a set proposing perhaps the best Panzerschreck in 1/72 scale. It is about CMK’s “German Soldiers with Panzerschreck” and except the standard poses, images also feature conversions I achieved on the content of another box. The direct link to the review: CMK - German soldiers with Panzerschreck (F72161) 

An article accompanied by many images on turning without modifications a couple of ancient 1/72 (and not 1/76 scale as labelled on the box) Matchbox hard-plastic Allies figures into WWII Panzer crewmen have been added within Miscellaneous/Various Related section. For better highlighting their true 1/72 scale, few images making a comparison betwen sizes of various manufacturers figs have been provided. 

1/72 Matchbox Allies Converted into WWII Germans