Created more for wargaming and with an over-scaled motorcycle, the crewmen from HaT/Armourfast’s WWII German Motorcycle with Sidecar” are in a true 1/72 scale and might be useful due to the Kradmantels they wear. On this kit, an extended review is uploaded now.   

A special feature of the extraordinary TQD Castings’ tender on WWII Germans is providing more sets on marching infantrymen, dressed both for warm and cold environments. After reviewing, not long time ago, two sets targeting such troopers in summer uniform, now it is the turn of a set involving figures wearing winter attire, namely “1936-45 Great Coated Infantry Marching” to benefit by an extended review.

I would like to warmly thank Mr. Adam O’Hara for sending me this set. 

Due to its features, I apprise Orion’s German WWII Panzer Soldiers (Basic Set 1)" represents a milestone in the field of plastic toy-soldiers as well as the figure set of year 2012, at least in terms of WWII Germans, if not otherwise. Based on this assessment, I strived making a special presentation for it consisting in a very comprehensive review accompanied by lots of images with standard and converted poses as well as those set on different vehicles. If interested in the topic, I think this one really deserves visiting it.

One of the most interesting and useful figure sets provided by Zvezda in their Mini-box series, “German Reconnaissance Team 1939 – 1942” offers soldiers in very attractive and natural poses as well as maybe the best 1/72 mass-production version of a Torn.fu.d2 radio. The large number of images included in the review exemplify also the conversions I did over the standard poses as well as some other things that might interest. 

Though not including any reference to MG, TQD Castings’ “Heer 1936-45 Summer Infantry Marching 2 (TQD-GH10)puts forward a perfect and most comprehensive image on a WWII German light/medium MG34 crew and accompanying riflemen carrying ammo containers in most interesting positions, fully covered by reference images. In addition, they perfect complete with Part 1 for recreating a truthful image of the WWII German infantry squad. Likewise, I wish to take the opportunity for thanking Mr. Adam O'Hara for sending me this set.