Barely have hobbyists the opportunity to add to their collections combat medics, but thanks to the impressive Zvezda’s “German Medical Personnel 1941-1943 (6143)” the gap has become less evident. An extended review of this excellent and highly recommended set is now delivered.

Kami de Koro Koro is a small local maker from Japan, their 1/72 WWII Germans being almost unknown in other countries. Their first tender in the field, “German Tank Crew Set”,put forward something extremely rare encountered in 1/72 scale, almost inexistent, namely a couple of soldiers wearing Panzer uniform with accurate Waffen SS and not Wehrmacht cut.

Available exclusively within Zvezda’s Art of Tactic board-games and used by the manufacturer as a marketing strategy for those, maybe one day "German Headquarters" set will be included in the Mini-Box series, too. An extended review acompanied by lots of images of this excellent kit is now uploaded. 

Wishing to all visitors, hobbyists and their families a healthy and prosperous New Year, the last extended review of this year refers to one of the most pleasant surprise in the field of 1/72 WWII Germans in 2012, the brilliant Zvezda - 88 mm FLAK36 and crew.  

The extended review of HaT/Armourfast’s WWII German Motorcycles” is available. Just like the twin kit, also the present one does not impress and features over-scaled Zundapp KS750 but fortunately, the crewmen belong to the 1/72 scale.