As its title emphasises, Zvezda’s Mini-Box “German Regular Infantry 1936-1943” brings in the scale more soldiers in Early War uniforms. However, this time the main focus is the warm environment while the troopers have rolled up sleeves and most of them comes in attractive poses. Likewise, the set incorporates the single officer with peak-cap available in Mini-Box series until now, even if that comes in a quite Hollywood stance. A full review on this kit as well as lots of images with the standard and converted poses waits to be visited.

Spring has come and bicycles and motorcycles are back in the street. In order to celebrate this, a brief article on Converting Airfix's RAF Bicyclist into a WWII German rider is featured now in Various Related category. The images present not only the standard figure, but also a conversion as well as some comparisons with other figs in order to demonstrate the full compatibility of this bicyclist labelled as 1/76 product with those clearly belonging to 1/72 scale.

The third and last Kami de Koro Koro 1/72 set on WWII Germans is German Early Palm Tree Pattern Officer”, also a one figure set and its extended review has just been added. The company still respects its blazon of striving to bring novelty in the field of attire and this time puts forward a Late War and interesting combination, smock, M43-H trousers, toque, and gloves.


In Zvezda’s attempt of covering infantry main support weapons could not miss the small le.IG18 cannon, the company illustrating it in “German 75 mm Infantry Gun with Crew”. The extended review of this kit is accompanied by a huge number of images with the standard kit and conversions carried out not only on figs but also on the gun, turned into the rarer le.GebIG18 (mountain version). Likewise, through other stuff, there are featured comparison images of Zvezda and Pegasus Hobbies le.IG18s.

One figure sets definitely represent a quite odd approach in Braille Scale but such sets occasionally might be encountered. An example in the field puts forward Kami de Koro Koro’s German Infantry Poncho Camo Figure, bringing an interesting but not outstanding miniature.