Due to special utilisations either in dioramas or gaming, Fallschirmjagers prepared for jump, with related parachute outer covers, harness, and knee pads represent a scarcely encountered topic in the 1/72 scale. Still, a set mainly focused on the matter comes from CMK, Fallschirmjäger WWII” benefitting by an extended review now.  

WWII German Mountain Troops, an elite unit, certainly represent one of the most important gaps in the rich tender of 1/72 figs targeting that army, only a couple of sets existing in the scale at present. Although delivering just four troopers, Zvezda’s “German Gebirgsjager 1939-1943 succeeds in a brilliant manner to catch the feeling of that unit and to combine the needs and expectations of both gamers and diorama builders. In addition, it is a top quality set and incorporates one of the most innovative and attractive figs of Braille Scale. The large number of images accompanying the extended review of this set feature standard and plenty of converted figs as well as other interesting stuff, including a converted leGebIG18 cannon with crew.

As a mountain lover and with a grandfather serving during WWII in Romanian Vanatori de Munte, (both my wife’s grandparents, also Vanatori de Munte, died in combat on Russian front), the entire post tries to bring something special and a humble homage to the impressive contribution and sacrifice brought by Mountain Troops of all armies during WWII.

Widely acknowledged, though labelled as 1/72, Valiant products are much over-scaled, really giants next to true 1/72 stuff. Still, “WWII German IF8 Infantry Cart” puts forward a drought horse and due to the great diversity of breeds, the animal might be deployed in the 1/72 scale, too. Practically, this is the reason this kit is here presented, and although incorporating a figure and a cart, because those are out of scale, the review takes into consideration only the horse and lists the present article in Accessories and not in Reviews category.

On the occasion of celebrating one year since www.ww2germans.com has been launched, I have the pleasure to present the review of a small but excellent set, Zvezda’s “German Paratroopers 1939-1942”, perhaps one of the best interpretations over such unit available in 1/72 mass-production tender. As usual, there are featured both standard and converted poses.
I wish you have spent some nice moments and found out useful stuff on this website and I hope you will keep visiting it while hundreds of sets still wait to be reviewed.

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Cristian Florescu  

Making an article where to gather and directly review all Mortars featured inside generic 1/72 Infantry Sets has been planned for years and finally I have succeeded to finalise it. Of course, the article and images does not refer to the specially designed mortar sets, which I have already reviewed individually.