Images and brief description of two small vignettes I built as presents for two persons close to me are available in Miscellaneous/On the Battlefield section under the title Climbing Gebirgsjager and Attacking Infantry Vignettes.

Apart the most attractive topic, with “WWII German Cavalry (Set1)” Waterloo 1815 has strived to fill in several gaps, bringing items barely encountered in Braille Scale such as anti-tank rifle, flare pistol, and Torn.Fu.b1 radio. However, the set provides a low number of cavalry-men and records some other draw-backs, so this unit, scarcely portrayed in 1/72 scale, still waits for a proper representation. 

A comprehensive review of this set, together with plenty of images, showing the standard and modified figs and horses, as well as other stuff of interest, are now available.

The list of ANNOUNCED SETS has been updated.

Under the name “1/72 Revell WWI German Infantry Converted into WWII German Soldiers” it has been added an article in Miscellaneous/Various Related category. It features the conversion of a couple of WWI soldiers into WWII ones. In addition, there is presented another more than attractive miniature, namely a war dog. 

MIG Productions’ “German Fallschimjager, dressed in Type III smocks and with some excellent M38 helmets has now an extended review, including painted figs. Likewise, the text of the review has also been completely revisited.