Happy New Year, full of achievements in all fields for hobbyists and their families!

I have started the New Year with one of the last releases of 2015 in terms of 1/72 WWII Germans, namely “7.5 cm le.IG18 German Infantry Gun” by First to Fight. Awaited with interest, this FtF kit proved to be a disappointment, especially in terms of figures. The three crewmen assigned to handle the cannon have already been encountered inside a previous release dedicated to PaK35/36. Additionally, in spite looking fairly fine, the cannon itself is slightly overscaled and much better versions of the same weapon, often accompanied by nicer crewmen, are easy reachable in 1/72. The numerous images accompanying the review present the standard and converted versions of the soldiers as well as the gun and other stuff. 

Hoping that all visitors that celebrate it spend a nice and peaceful Christmas, I have the pleasure to include the review of perhaps the most interesting First-to-Fight set, German Command 1939”. The tender includes many premiers in the field of 1/72 mass-production WWII Germans such as a 5 cm GrW36 and crew, an anti-tank rifle PzB38 and a battery case for the Torn.fu.d2 transceiver. Photos show not only the standard poses, but also some conversions.

Munich Kits emerges as a not so known figure maker, a normal thing considering that until now it has issued a single set in the field of WWII Germans. However, it should be emphasised it is Florian Hecker’s company, the sculptor being better recognised for his wonderful work carried out at Hecker&Goros, label casting  pewter (zinn) minis. Another noteworthy aspect is that Munich Kits works with resin and it might be interesting seeing creations of the same sculptor in different materials. Their excellent German Luftwaffe 1939-45” is completely reviewed now.

In the set “German Infantry Support Weapons 1939”, First-to-Fight brings its interpretation over the famous MG34 mounted on Laffete tripod and GrW34 together with their crews. Both weapons are ample illustrated in the scale and although the present versions of these arms are poor and focus on gaming, with some cleaning and good painting work, their crews might be saved and can occupy positions around better 1/72 replicas of MG and GrW34. A full review of this set, including also photos of the accompanying magazine and some figure conversions is now uploaded.

Red Army maintenance units have been virtually impossible to find in 1/72 scale until Zvezda had finally filled the gap in 2015 with the brilliant set “Soviet Air Force Ground Crew”. This offer not only distinguishes through its uniqueness, interesting activities performed in a natural manner, and the great sculpture of the figs, but also through an extreme versatility. Due to the clothes and gear, all the included troopers can be extremely easy  transformed into soldiers of other armies, as WWII German ones being necessary just to remove the pocket flaps and paint them accordingly. A full article featuring these Red Army maintenance crewmen finished as WWII Germans is now available in the Miscellaneous/Various Related section.