Wishing all visitors a Happy Easter and lot of joy together with their families, I let you enjoy the extended review of a remarkable multi-media kit, Weathering Factory’s “MG-Team Charkov 1942-43 with T-34 Wreck”. The set comprises three figures in some of the most attractive items of garment available in Braille Scale and, as its title emphasizes, a an excellent section of  a T34 wreck.

Returned after a great ski holiday and an office travel, the extended review of the interesting Juweela set "Panzerknacker" is now uploaded. The set, through other niceties, features army-men with jack/marching boots wrapped in cloth strips.

If within their first set Weathering Factory has focused on more unusual attire or combination of items of garment, the second set puts forward the more conventional but perfectly sculptured M42 winter suit and SS fur anorak. The targeted subject is very interesting and now “WWII German Tank Riders 1944-45” has its own extended review, with lots of images presenting the seven painted miniatures both individual and mounted in different places on vehicles.

Recognised for the out of ordinary and large number of poses provided inside their vehicle kits, along the years Miniaturas Alemany has succeeded to fill in various gaps in the field of 1/72 WWII Germans. One such kit is certainly StuG III Ausf. F with Soldiers at Rest, putting forward five troopers in attractive stances and dressed in winter attire.

The extended review of the fist set of the new established Weathering Factory, released under the name Various Germans 1941-1945 Russia/Ardennes is now available. The set proposes six army-men in non-combat poses, prepared for winter, and wearing extremely interesting items of clothing.