For celebrating the launch of the inter-linked Facebook page,, the extended review of the excellent Orion set “WWII German Panzer Soldiers Basic Set 5” has been uploaded.  Since now, when new posts are uploaded on the web-site, these will be announced on the associated Facebook page as well, that can be directly accessed also by clicking the related icon displayed on top, in the banner.

Wishing you a pleasant visit, I do hope you shall enjoy both.

Cristian Florescu

War against Fascismby Pegasus Hobbies is a must for those modellers searching for iconic images of the Russian victory over the Third Reich, but inside there are available some German related stuff, namely two soldiers, flags and banner, as well as few civilians and a horse, all being extensively reviewed here. This is one of the most out-of-ordinary and attractive 1/72 offers ever made, all poses, delivered in the highly praised quality of the company, truthfully transposing in the scale images depicted by WWII Russian propaganda posters or famous photographs and films shot in the period.

After a very busy but great summer, full of office and pleasure travels that kept me far from home and made difficult both painting figures and uploading new reviews, I have the pleasure to return with one of a very attractive set, Zvezda’s “German Infantry in Winter Uniform 1941-1945”.

Likewise, I wish to take the opportunity to warmly thank all that keep visiting the website within this period and I promise new reviews will be added shortly. 

Innovation and famine for novel topics emerge as profound characteristics of Weathering Factory and their “German Sled, Horse, Driver and Wounded” put forward, for the first time in Braille Scale, the famous Panje horse and toboggan sled, the most important mean of transportation, intensively utilised by WWII Germans, on the Eastern Front in winter. Thanks to a master work, the full metal kit pays a well-deserved tribute to the remarkable contribution and sacrifice of this small but though horse and the full review of this very fresh kit is now available. 

D-Day Miniature Studio is certainly a company which at the moment does not enjoy the popularity they deserve for their 1/72 masterpieces. In the field of WWII Germans, the first set “German Waffen SS Officers – Normandy 1944 includes extraordinary works of art and it is almost unbelievable how the sculptor succeeded to transform three soldiers doing almost nothing into some of the most attractive miniatures ever encountered in Braille Scale. This ultimate 1/72 figure set benefits by a very comprehensive review now and definitely should be closely considered by all those wishing to own 1/72 miniatures sharing the same quality with larger scale ones.