Hoping you spent an excellent Christmas, I have the pleasure to upload the extended review of the outstanding Zvezda’s “MG34 Machine-Gun with Crew 1941-1945 (Winter)”. Playing a little with the camera, I took lots of photos of standard and converted poses as well as of another converted MG34 team, some of the pictures emerging fairly nice. I hope you will enjoy both the text and the series of images in this very fine and relaxing part of the year. 

Strelets, a manufacturer with an impressive catalogue of 1/72 figs, is recognized for their quite chunky toy-soldiers. With their first set on WWII Germans, appeared in 2013 under the name “German Army in Stalingrad”, it seems the firm wanted to prove they have the necessary means in order to deliver better miniatures. Combining both positive and negative attributes, the set certainly puts forward notable ideas as well as the largest diversity in terms of WWII German winter attire available in mass-production sets. Due to its specific features, it might get the interest of diorama builders as well and this set has been fully reviewed now.

Thanks to Minitoysoldier’s efforts, modellers may enjoy a couple of 1/72 figs portraying the brilliant Field Marshall von Manstein, one of the greatest commanders in the history of mankind. The Minitoysoldier’s Erich von Manstein Type 1 is fully analysed now, the review also including a small article about the illustrious commander and featuring lots of images of the product. 

 With the occasion of uploading the extended review of another excellent set issued by Orion under the name WWII German Panzer Soldiers Basic Set 6, I am pleased to announce you the establishment of a Facebook group inter-connected with the present website, namely 1/72 ww2 Germans.

Any hobbyist is cordially invited to become a member and looking forward to meeting you there, please click the name of the group for direct link.

It is intended to provide an appropriate framework to collectors, gamers, and diorama builders for sharing their works and making useful and attractive exchange of information and experiences in the 1/72 hobby. Mainly focusing on 1/72 WWII German Army, no matter it is about figures, vehicles, airplanes, or navy, their allies and opponents’ replicas in the scale are more than welcome.

Gathering within German 81mm Mortar with Crew 1941-1945 (Winter)” two lifelike crews and highly detailed weapons, Zvezda approaches in a truly special manner the GrW34 topic, illustrating both the combat and infantry transportation modes. The full review of this superb and extremely useful set, supported by lots of images with standard and converted poses can be visited from now on.