While dedicated topics might be of interest, this month there are going to be uploaded exclusively reviews of Panzer soldiers sets.

The first in the queue is Zebrano’s “German Tank Crew 1944”, an interesting and well-done set that unfortunately benefits by a totally inappropriate artwork, both providing wrong painting guidelines and not revealing to clients the great potential of the figs. By painting in black the attire, although most of the items here worn had never been issued in that colour, it is lost an excellent opportunity to present attractive combinations of clothes and diminishes sculptor’s notable efforts.

Continuing to introduce top-sculptured figs in more than attractive poses, Orion’s “WWII German Panzer Soldiers Basic Set 8” is interesting for another perspective as well. Practically, it represents the first in the resin line made available by the company after the launch of the highly-acclaimed soft plastic set that duplicates some of the previously issued resin miniatures. Set no. 8 is now comprehensively reviewed and images present both standard and converted poses.

Although putting forward an extremely attractive subject in 1/72 scale, namely Waffen SS Panzer troopers wearing the appropriate wrapper for their branch of service, the CMK’s set Waffen SS Tankers WW II”, fully reviewed now, suffers by an incurable malady, gigantism, and cure will never be available for them.

Orion’s Panzer Soldiers Basic Set 7, a tender charming with its beautifully sculptured resin figures and putting forward some impressive achievements in terms of mould and cast, is in depth analysed.

Joining Minitoysoldier’s Erich von Manstein Type 2 in waving hand and saying good-bye to 2014, I wish you all an excellent 2015, with lots of fun and successes!

Cristian Florescu