Caesar’s “WWII German Panzer Crews” brilliantly transpose in Braille Scale close replicas of all poses encountered in two well-known 1/35 sets, namely Tamiya’s “German Tank Crew at Rest” and Dragon’s “German Halftrack Crewmen”. Though its title refers only to Panzer men, practically the 11 poses portray six such soldiers, the other five belonging to infantry and embodying armoured half-track crewmen. Impressing with its versatility, natural poses and top sculpture, this is also the first soft plastic set on 1/72 WWII German Panzer troopers. Analysed from all perspectives, it certainly appears as a milestone figure set and a highly recommended tender.

Sometimes figure reviewers have not only pleasant tasks to perform, the very poor sets should be analysed as well. After a huge but not successful work, it is my great privilege to introduce to your kind attention the ugliest, even grotesque, set on 1/72 Panzer crewmen, issued by Ykreol under the title “German Soldiers”. Not even painting does not succeed to diminish the hilarious appearance, but I hope you might find useful such reviews, too.

The three figures enclosed in Mantis' WWII German Officers (Late War) impress with perfect accuracy and top-notch fine small details as well as with incredible natural stances. It also should be mentioned Boris Knokhov, the creator of the highly acclaimed Orion line dedicated to Panzer crewmen, also sculptured this remarkable set which now is fully reviewed  and accompanied by a huge number of images.

Because of an extremely busy office program, in the last period there were not uploaded as many sets as intended. Thus, this month there shall be presented only Panzer soldiers sets, too.

Fully reviewed now, “German Tankers WWII”, the second CMK set inspired by Tamiya’s 1/35  “German Tank Crew at Rest”, puts forward gigantic figures, much over-scaled than the labelled 1/72 scale. Due to the visible size problem, the set fits only for collecting reasons or for hobbyists enjoying Valliant or similar huge miniatures, including its predecessor, CMK’s “Waffen SS Tankers WWII”.

An article intending just to draw attention and highlight the ideal resources represented by the thirteen poses Orion has at hand in any moment for a second soft plastic “German WWII Panzer Soldiers (Basic Set 2)” has been uploaded. However, the illustrated content should not be considered the final one, but only a preview, especially bearing in mind a new resin Set 9 might appear quite soon and some or even all its miniatures to be imported for the soft plastic edition, replacing at least a couple of figs, particularly the one from the resin Set 2.