Summer is almost gone and after a busy period combining office and holiday stuff, it is always a pleasure to return to hobby things, too. This time the attention is focused on a new and very interesting white metal set dedicated to armour fans. It is about Adler’s Miniatures “Figures with dust mask and goggles mixed”, an eye-catching tender covering not only the rarely encountered 1/72 Afrikakorps Panzer soldiers subject, but also all minis have got goggles and dust-masks, items scarcely met in the scale.

After a quite long period of absence, finally a new extended review has been uploaded. With one of the longest titles, CMK’s “Werner von Braun with his inspection team watching an A4/V2 rocket launch test” attracts with the 1/72 presence of the famous scientist. 

The First-to-Fight adventure in the field of 1/72 WWII German figs started with “German Infantry 1939”, a set bringing nothing new on the market and also not impressing with very qualitative miniatures. Still, in less than two years since that, the manufacturer succeeded to issue some fairly interesting sets. This FtF initial set is now fully reviewed, and except the standard poses, the article also putting forward some conversions.

One-pose sets are rarely met in the 1/72 scale industry, but when it is about Caesar, nothing is stunning. The surprise is even greater because their “WWII German Soldiers (No.1)” provides a regular soldier “at attention” and not a well-known general or other personality. Furthermore, a little odd is that the same trooper has already made available within the regular box “German Army”. However, the miniature is beautifully sculptured and incredibly clean for a soft-plastic product, and its full review as well as lots of images with this unusual offer and other interesting things are now accessible on the website.

The extended review of a very interesting and pretty unknown kit, issued as limited edition, Caesar's "German 75 mm le IG18 Infantry Gun with Crews" has just been published, accompanied by lots of images with the gun and the standard poses as well as their conversions and other stuff. Still listed on the official website of the manufacturer as “upcoming”, the le.IG18 cannon is the same as the one encountered within Pegasus Hobbies related set. However, Caesar has come with a completely new crew, their excellent poses being copied in a remarkable manner after a WWII image.