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CMK - Dockyard workers (ML80296) _________(BRF)
CMK - Dockyard workers with bicycles (ML80297) _________(BRF)
CMK - Fallschirmjäger WWII (F72075) _________(EXT)
CMK - Flying Bridge Crew for S-100 Schnellboot (F72158) _________(BRF)
CMK - German armourers for Tiger I (F72157) _________(EXT)
CMK - German bomber pilots and mechanic (F72038) _________(BRF)
CMK - German deck crew for S-100 Schnellboat (F72160) _________(BRF)
CMK - German driver and personnel for FAMO (F72155) _________(EXT)
CMK - German Hospital staff (ML80295) _________(EXT)
CMK - German mechanics (F72078) _________(EXT)
CMK - German Pilots And Mechanic WWII (F72037) _________(EXT)
CMK - German pilots at rest WWII (F72112) _________(EXT)
CMK - German Port Divers (ML80292) _________(BRF)
CMK - German Port Guards with Dog (ML80294) _________(BRF)
CMK - German soldiers at rest WWII (F72143) _________(BRF)
CMK - German Soldiers for FAMO (F72156) _________(EXT)
CMK - German soldiers with Panzerschreck (F72161) _________(EXT)
CMK - German tankers WWII (F72142) _________(EXT)
CMK - German U-Boat aces (ML80293) _________(BRF)
CMK - Guard with Bicycle (ML80342) _________(EXT)
CMK - S-100 crew for AA gun 3,7 cm (F72159) _________(NA)
CMK - U VII Crew (guard with binoculars) (F72116) _________(NA)
CMK - U-Boot crew on the deck – arriving (CMKML80397) _________(BRF)
CMK - U-Boot crew on the deck – departing (CMKML80396) _________(BRF)
CMK - U-VII 88 mm cannon crew in action (F72131) _________(EXT)
CMK - U-VII armament crew in port (F72132) _________(EXT)
CMK - U-VII Atlantic version - Crew for 2cm Flak (F72184) _________(NA)
CMK - U-VII Atlantic Version - Gun Crew for 3.7cm Flak Gun (F72185) _________(BRF)
CMK - U-VII crew (provision) (F72117) _________(BRF)
CMK - U-VII crew at rest part I (F72118) _________(EXT)
CMK - U-VII crew at rest part II (F72127) _________(EXT)
CMK - U-VII U-Boat Crew on Sentry (F72133) _________(NA)
CMK - Waffen SS tankers WWII (F72141) _________(EXT)
CMK - Wehrmacht Mounted Infantry (F72180) _________(EXT)
CMK - Werner von Braun with his inspection team watching an A4/V2 rocket launch test (F72283) _________(EXT)