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CMK - German bomber pilots and mechanic (F72038) _________(BRF)
CMK - German Pilots And Mechanic WWII (F72037) _________(EXT)
CMK - Werner von Braun with his inspection team watching an A4/V2 rocket launch test (F72283) _________(EXT)
ESCI - SdKfz. 250/9 (8048) _________(BRF)
ESCI - SdKfz.250/3 (8369) _________(EXT)
Hasegawa - Kubel wagon with BMW Side Car (31112) _________(EXT)
HaT - WWII German Bicyclists (8119) _________(EXT)
HaT - WWII German Mounted Infantry (8121) _________(EXT)
Heller - German Panzergrenadiers (49606) _________(NA)
Italeri - German Infantry (Winter dress) (6151)_________(NA)
Italeri - WWII PAK 40 AT Gun with Servants (6096) _________(EXT)
Martello International - Halt! Feldgendarme (100/01) _________(EXT)
Matchbox - German Pioneers (40192) _________(EXT)
Millicast - German Volkstrum w/weapons & NCO (FIG059) _________(EXT)
Miniaturas Alemany - German 35(T) Skoda with Sleeping Soldiers (FG 7219) _________(NA)
Miniaturas Alemany - German Field Kitchen With Soldiers (FG7220) _________(BRF)
Miniaturas Alemany - Panzer IV Ausf.D with German Infantry (FG 7214) _________(BRF)
Miniaturas Alemany - Pz III Ausf.F with Panzer Granadiers (FG 7210) _________(NA)
Miniaturas Alemany - StuG III Ausf. B with Assault Troops (FG7209) _________(EXT)
Miniaturas Alemany - StuG III Ausf. F with Soldiers at Rest (FG 7215) _________(EXT)
Miniaturas Alemany - StuG IV Late Model with Zimmerit&Crew (FG7213) _________(EXT)
Miniaturas Alemany - Tiger Maintenance Group (FG7217) _________(EXT)
MIR - GI’s & German Prisoners WW2 (K20) _________(EXT)
Odemars - Bosnian Infantry (PF 11) _________(NA)
Odemars - Defenders of Berlin (PF07) _________(BRF)
Odemars - German Commanders (PF05) _________(BRF)
Odemars - Operation Antarctica - Haunebu (CREA 04) _________(NA)
Odemars - The Last Defenders of Berlin (PF17) _________(BRF)
Orion - Volkssturm 1945 (7218) _________(BRF)
Pegasus Hobbies - German 75 mm le IG18 Infantry Gun with Crew (7510) _________(EXT)
Pegasus Hobbies - Germans in Berlin 1945 (7228) _________(EXT)
Preiser - German Air and Ground Crew (72509) _________(BRF)
Preiser - German Paratroopers, Pilots and Ground Crew (72516) _________(BRF)
Preiser - Luftwaffe Pilots and Ground Crew (72508) _________(BRF)
Preiser - Military Police. Guards The German Reich 1939-45 (72532) _________(EXT)
Preiser - WWII German Troops on Leave (72521) _________(EXT)
Revell - German Engineers (02508) _________(BRF)
Revell - German Infantry (02502)_________(EXT)
Revell - German Mechanized Infantrymen (02584) _________(EXT)
Strelets – German Army in Stalingrad (M093)_________(EXT)
TQD Castings - 1944-45 WWII Set Inc 2 Feldgendarme (TQD-GH15) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - 1945 33rd Div Waffen SS Grenadiers (TQD-GS1) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - 1944-45 WWII Grenadiers Inc MG42 (TQD-GH17) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - 1944-45 WWII Grenadiers with Anti-Tank Weapons (TQD-GH16) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - German Officer with MP40, MG34 Gunner, Soldier with MP28 (TQD-GH19) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - German Pows (TQD-GH25) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - Heer 1944-45 Late War Germans 1 (TQD-GH12) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - Heer 1944-45 Late War Germans 2 (TQD-GH13) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - Polezei Set,ZB37 Gunner, Number 2,Police AFV Crew + Guard(TQD-GH18) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - Speerkorp Aux Troops, Mixed Arms (TQD-GH14) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - 1938-43 Early War Waffen SS (TQD-GS6) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - 1942-1945 German Winter Infantry, Mixed Poses (TQD-GH33) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - 1942-45 Winter German infantry, mixed poses (TQD-GH33) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - 1944 Ardennes Waffen SS Command (TQD-GS16) _________(BRF)
TQD Castings - 1944 Eastern Front Oberfuhrer, Officer with MP40, Flamethrower & PPSH41 (TQD-GS25) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - 1944 Joachim Peiper Waffen SS command set (TQD-GS24) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - 1944 Waffen SS Ambush at Poteau (TQD-GS15) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - 1944-45 Waffen SS Grenadiers Mixed Weapons (TQD-GS27) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - 1944-45 Waffen SS Grenadiers with SMGs (TQD-GS26) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - 1945 33rd Div Waffen SS Grenadiers (TQD-GS21) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - Heer AFV Mechanics (TQD-GH1) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - Late War SS Panzer Crew Refuelling (TQD-GS18) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - Propaganda Shoot SS Panzer Meier Normandy 1944 (TQD-GS1) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - SS Officers (TQD-GS4) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - SS Snipers (TQD-GS5) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - Volkssturm Straf Patrol ( TQD-GV4 ) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - Waffen SS Man with Cigarettes, Sniper Walking, Rona Officer & LMG Gunner (TQD-GS22) _________(NA)
TQD Castings - Waffen SS NCO & Men Armed with Panzerfaust, MP40 & PPSH41's (TQD-GS23) _________(NA)
Tracks&Troops - WW2 German Nashorn SPG crew – winter (TTF001) _________(EXT)
Under Fire Miniatures - WWII German Set 3 (Ger3) _________(EXT)
Unknown - WW2 Leaders _________(NA)
Warriors - WWII SS Winter Tank Crew (72001) _________(EXT)
Ykreol - German Casualties-Berlin 1945 (YKRIP03) _________(BRF)
Ykreol - Project R.F.Z. (Set 1) (YK05) _________(BRF)
Ykreol - Project R.F.Z. (Set 2) (YK06) _________(NA) _________(NA)
Ykreol - Stalingrad 1943 (SPYK-05) _________(NA)
Ykreol - WWII German Soldiers - Berlin 1945 (YKR-IP30) _________(BRF)