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Climbing Gebirgsjager and Attacking Infantry Vignettes

Here there are featured two small vignettes built as presents for two persons close to me. One involves Gebirgsjagers and was created for the person living in the mountains and the other with Infantrymen, for the friend living in Bucharest.

Climbing Gebirgsjager

For this vignette I used two figures from the excellent Zvezda’s “German Gebirgsjager 1939-1943” as well as the base and the cliffs included in the same box. In addition, I added to the base two extra cliffs from another box. Vegetation, trying here to represent savine bushes is from an unknown Polish manufacturer.

The background is a photo taken specially for this vignette last summer in Romania's famous Bucegi Mountains .

Both these brilliant figures are in standard approach and the manufacturer strived copying stances illustrated by well-known images taken during WWII.

Attacking Infantry

This basic vignette focuses only on figures, these being also extracted, in standard form, from Zvezda’s ”German Infantry Platoon 1942-1944” (Big Box). In order to create these poses, the company relied again on reference images, particularly the one of the grenade thrower being famous, a true symbol of the German WWII soldier. Groundwork stuff is made by the same unknown Polish manufacturer.