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Waffen SS in Action (Eastern Front ’44)


I have put together this 1/72 scale small diorama for participating at the National Military Model Show-Bucharest 2013 (September 15 to October 26), event  in memoriam of one of the most important Romanian modellers, Cristian Craciunoiu, also father of Modelism Magazine.

I have used the same base and house for another diorama featured only on internet (involving much more figs) as well as for better introduce some figure sets inside the reviews I have written. However, the base, house, and all things emplaced on it are for the first time displayed in an exhibition. Furthermore, new figures, weapons and diorama accessories have been added for telling a different story.

There are emplaced 42 figs (none of the poses duplicated) and I tried reproducing few scenes, some of them inspired by reference images. The action takes place in 1944 on the Eastern Front, around a two storey izba, at present occupied by Waffen SS.   

The enemy is at a safe distance, Waffen SS engaging them with two mortars and a horse-drawn le.IG18. Reinforcements enter the yard through the back gate, also a Waffen SS horse patrol being close.

Other two main groups are around, a radio team and a three observer team (both built after reference images). Likewise, few soldiers are emplaced on the diorama.   

For the diorama, I mainly used the following:

- Pegasus Hobbies 2 storey izba with a scratch-built roof and glass at windows;

- Hasegawa tent and some logs;

- Scratch-built fence, logs, WC, and barbecue;

- Pegasus Hobbies le.IG18;

- For the ground work I used products of various manufacturers, Noch, Faller and a Polish garage manufacturer;

- Figures are Preiser, Warriors, Pegasus Hobbies, Modelltrans, and CMK. Almost all figures are multi-part and the great majority are converted.