Mirrage Hobby - German Infantry Marching 1940 (703) _________(BRF)



Manufacturer Mirrage Hobby
Scale 1/72
Set Code 703
Year -
No. of Figures 10
No. of Poses 10
Additional Items None
Size Medium
Material White Metal
Colour Silver
Flash Level Medium
Glue-ability Excellent (Superglue Gel)
Conversion-ability Difficult
Optimal Period 1939 - 1945



Acknowledged for its impressively detailed and accurate vehicle kits, Mirrage Hobby gave a try in the field of WWII Germans, issuing a single white metal set composed by ten infantrymen on the march. Comparing the huge number of reference materials depicting endless rows of WWII German soldiers marching with similar replicas in 1/72 scale, such sets are very necessary.

On the matter and dressed in the same Early War style, with M36 tunics and marching/jack boots, definitely there are distinguished Preiser’s “WWII German Infantry Advancing” and “Advancing Grenadiers with MG” as well as the excellent but out-of-production white metal El Viejo Dragon’s “German Infantry Walking 1939-45”. Although scarce, few mass production and cottage industry kits incorporate several minis depicting the same action.

The Mirrage Hobby set is provided in a small box having as artwork the painted version of the ten figures from inside, a good point because it accustoms the customer with what he is going to purchase. The angle from where the photo was taken is not the most successful one, showing the figs with big heads and quite strange bodies. In reality, the anatomy is not so bad, but it is also true that sculpture, even fine, does not make the strongest impression, a couple of helmets looking really weird. Weapons and gear is properly worn for units in the march and some poses, such as the guy taking off sweat with a handkerchief, being attractive and original.

The most annoying thing at the product is the sturdiness of this white metal, the most robust material ever used for casting metal 1/72 WWII Germans. The characteristic irritate only modellers wishing to remove the bases, no method or tool giving results, it is really impossible to detach the figures from their bases. Little assembly is necessary, two arms being separate but easily identified to whom those belong because one holds an MG34, so clearly goes to the army-men with MG gunner pouch and pistol. For putting together the product is recommended super glue gel. On the other hand, priming before starting painting is compulsory otherwise the paints will not properly fix.

In spite this fact counting just for a limited number of hobbyists, the Mirrage Hobby soldiers generally meet expectations, bringing a little diversity to the colons of WWII German marching soldiers. 


Historical Accuracy 9
Anatomy 9
Poses Quality 9
Details Quality 9
Mould Quality 9
Sculpture 9
Recommendation/Utility 8
Reviewer’s Opinion 9