MIG Productions - Eastern Front German Assault Team Vol. 2 (MP 72-074) _________(BRF)



Manufacturer MIG Productions
Scale 1/72
Set Code MP 72-074
Year Unknown
No. of Figures 3
No. of Poses 3
Additional Items Gear&Weapons
Size Tall
Material Resin
Colour Cream
Flash Level Low
Glue-ability Excellent (Superglue Gel)
Convert-ability Easy
Optimal Period 1943 – 1945



Sharing the same attributes in terms of quality of sculpture, material, and casting as well as alike attire featuring as central piece the Waffen SS winter fur anorak, the figures from MIG Production’s “Eastern Front German Assault Team Vol.2” nicely complete and develop the subject put forward by Vol.1. Again only three minis are supplied in the usual package, with the same excellent anatomy making them suitable for the tall side of 1/72 scale. Sill, between the two sets few differences are notable, Vol.2 portraying soldiers in combat while the first one shows them advancing, another resting in the lack of the sprue with grenades, mine and shovels accessible in Vol.1.

However, as the first part does, the second proposes the same impressive number of weapons and gear, allowing the hobbyist to represent either an MG team or unspecialised soldiers. According to the artwork, there can be achieved a standing MG gunner firing off the weapon, a standing NCO with MP40 signalling with the right hand and a crouched private with Kar98K also pointing to something with the right hand. Nevertheless, due to the adopted stance, the MG gunner will require a fence, wall, vehicle or other thing to prop the weapon on. Likewise, the bipod is folded and for a more genuine appearance, but not necessary, it could be removed and replaced with a Dragon unfolded one.

It is MIG Production not the first and not the last company depicting a single topic within two or more distinct parts, a solution more than necessary especially at resin kits generally incorporating a limited number of figs. The two sets perfectly complete each other, achieving to reproduce the same unit in both advancing and fighting hypostases.   


Historical Accuracy 10
Anatomy 10
Poses Quality 10
Details Quality 10
Mould Quality 10
Sculpture 10
Recommendation/Utility 10
Reviewer’s Opinion 10