Warriors - German Grenadiers Winter Dress Set2 (72005) _________(EXT)



Manufacturer Warriors
Scale 1/72
Set Code 72005
Year ?
No. of Figures 4
No. of Poses 4
Additional Items None
Size Medium
Material Resin
Flash Level Intermediate
Glue-ability Excellent (Super Glue Gel)
Convertibility Easy
Optimal Period 1942 – 1945



Developing the topic of walking soldiers initiated through “German Grenadiers Winter Dress Set # 1”, Warriors brings us its continuation, “Set # 2” which on the one hand, includes pieces of same quality as the previous ones, and on the other hand, puts forward figures greatly completing the poses from the first set. Being dressed in the same way, in parkas, and having exactly the same size, the soldiers from both sets looks like belonging to a single set split in two parts. Furthermore, the fine artist, Bill Chilstrom, worked on both sets, sculpturing several jewels in the scale.

The content comes in the standard small transparent box used by Warriors for their 1/72 kits, and features as artwork the same diorama used for presenting the figures from Set 1. For showing the soldiers from Set 2, there were simply replaced the preceding ones and emplaced in almost the same place the army-men from the following set. Various components require assembly, but no instructions or numbered parts are given. The artwork of the box could be used either as directions for assembly or painting, but the photo was shot from a quite long distance and for this reason, the troopers are shown quite small. In order to respect the will of the manufacturer regarding assembly, the artwork must be studied very well. However, the operation of putting together is not complicated at all, the arm with MG matching only to the figure with pistol holster, while those with Kar98k fit at the remaining figures. The left hands are not so important how will be combined by the modeller, all matching any figure, even the one holding the MG ammo container can be glued to the soldier with MG. Due to the fact that resin is extremely fragile and very easy breakable, a lot of attention should be granted when removing the parts from sprues, particularly to the thin ones like entrenching tools. Further care has to be given when there are extracted the sprues from the box, some faint parts might crack during transport and it would be regrettable and disappointing to loose the MG barrel for instance. The content is cast in a white high quality resin, accepting extremely good super glue gel that makes a truly strong bond between the pieces. Apart from a figure that was cast with both arms, for the other three are given separate arms on individual sprues, all right ones having a weapon while only one left hand holds a MG ammo case, the other two having nothing. Heads are located on a single sprue, and each can be allocated to any soldier, no matter which, through the pin and hole system. Diverging from Set 1 where individual sprues were provided for each shovel, the entrenching tools of Set 2 are all emplaced on a unique sprue. For the reason that the Warriors minis are in principal dedicated to diorama builders, these are offered without bases. Those who desperate need bases, can scratch-built them from a large range of materials or use others like coins, One Cent conferring enough space for accommodate a trooper of this company. 

All poses portray again marching soldiers, not rushed or frighten by an enemy bullet, a very necessary and important subject in the scale, especially because the way they are dressed while minis wearing parkas and doing the same thing are extremely rare encountered within offers of other manufacturers. The two sets are closely linked, the first set containing a figure carrying a MG ammunition container, but no related weapon, while set 2 incorporates a trooper with a MG34. Moreover, set 2 was created, like its predecessor, also with four figures, but both sets shares two quite similar army-men. It should be underlined that the poses in case are not identical and it is normal, bearing in mind the topic, that plenty of similarities to be encountered at walking figures. Nevertheless, distinction may be brought to these two soldiers through the optional arms. In order to be more precise, the combination implies four arms, respectively two left hands carrying MG ammo containers, two left arms holding nothing, two right hands with Kar98K and two arms with Kar98K on the shoulders.  If somebody possesses both sets and in the first one the chosen combination was Kar98K in right hand / MG container in left hand, and Kar98K on the right shoulder / free left hand, than it is recommended the grouping to be switched for attaining clearly four dissimilar poses. The problem does not interfere for the other two poses of both sets, obviously unlike. The two new poses proposed by Set 2 are one carrying a MG34 and another one holding the Kar98K on the left shoulder. If the one with MG may be assessed as pretty close to the pose with MP40 form the first set, the one with Kar98K on left shoulder is bright new and does not have a correspondent in the other set. In addition, this figure is the single one in the series not requiring arms assembly, being cast with them. The pose is really good-looking and valuable, and due to the position of his legs may depict either a marching soldier or one staying still, such as an infantryman guarding a vehicle or the entrance of a building.

The soldiers are dressed in the same way, with M42 parkas, regular trousers and marching boots. On the heads, they wear steel helmets, which according to the size, can be represented not only simple, but also as having camouflage canvas. All helmets come without straps under chins, providing more solutions for a modeller who can simply paint straps or scratch build and glue them in various positions. As in previous set, smocks are not buttoned up till the last button and we can see around the neck the collars of the tunics or the toques wrapping the neck, each of us having the liberty to select what item to portray. The winter hoods are very nice depicted and because those were detachable, may be painted either in the same colour of the parka, or in another colour or camouflage scheme, different than the jacket. Parka was a piece of garment for cold period, and based on this fact, figures are mainly addressed to such periods. From various causes, not all troopers returned parkas at the end of the season, on 15 April, and kept wearing them along the whole year, so the present minis may be used as well in warmer environments. In supporting this estimation is that they do not have parkas buttoned up, if outside it had been really cold, then the soldier would not have worn parkas like that. Mouse gray on one side and white on the other, were the colours of the reversible first parkas appeared in 1942. After 1943, the mouse gray colour was replaced with camouflage, Waffen SS or Wehrmacht or even Italian patterns being common on this piece of clothing. Taking into consideration the fact, a lot of alternatives are at owner’s hand for bringing diversity to these figures, and even the manufacturer suggesting the aspect inside the artwork, where three received mouse gray parkas and one Wehrmacht camouflage pattern. 

The equipment consists for all in mess tins, canteens, bread bags, and with a single exception, all received gas mask containers. On a single sprue there are given four entrenching tools, a different model than the one from the previous set, also missing the bayonets. The “Y” straps are not very visible and there is the possibility to be covered by hoods or creases of the parkas.  Due to gear positioning on soldiers, it is better to paint the “Y” straps, especially in the front side. The single figure where the accessory is not compulsory is the one missing the gas mask container, namely the MG gunner whose equipment could be sustained only by the belt. The army-men with Kar 98K have the appropriate ammo pouches, genuine beauties in the scale. Three minis in the set received Kar98K while one has MG34, pistol holster and StiHg-r24 under the belt. Not only the fact the MG gunner is endowed, as specialised trooper, with a pistol, but also the way he holds the MG, turns this figure into a very eye-catching one. The modality of keeping like this the MG34 appears in many reference photos, but in the scale, figures doing so, are almost completely missing within mass production sets. Nevertheless, the gunner has not the necessary strap for his weapon, and two methods in depicting it are available, the easy one simply painting the strap and assessing that some parts are hidden by his arm, or the other one, harder, scratch-building it.  

Right from the first glance it is impossible not to perceive these minis are greatly detailed and no representative element of uniforms or gear is missing from its place, even the smallest ones like straps or buttons being reproduced. In addition, here we can find some of the best creases on uniforms, exceptional sculptured parkas, brilliant proportioned bodies with distinct fingers and tremendous facial expressions. The top class resin admirable accepts enamel, not only maintaining the proprieties of the paint and not adding any glossy appearance, but also sustaining it very good, being capable to resist even at heavy handling of the figures. Moreover, this resin outstanding allows superglue gel, facilitating conversions achieved through either resin components taken various Warriors sets, but also Preiser or Dragon parts, superglue gel offering great satisfaction at strongly joining hard plastic or resin, too. In contrast with Set 1, where some casting problems interfered, the second set has less air bubbles, in fact only a few which may be hidden simply with enamel. Flash is really small and a fine film covers several parts. Getting rid of both flash and fine film implies an uncomplicated and fast surgery.  Excess of resin does not register at all, especially thanks to the method that seems to be applied by the producer, all gear and helmets being done as separate parts and then fixed in their positions, looking like Preiser equipment added on figures, but without being necessary for us to pass this time consuming and patience requiring process. 

Some other sets including troopers in parkas are Revell’s “WWII German Infantry", Italeri/Revell’s "German Elite Troops", Italeri’s “PAK 40 AT Gun with servants”, HaT’s “WWII German Bicyclists” and “WWII German Mounted Infantry” while Caesar’s "German Infantry with Winter Gear" and Esci’s “Nebelwerfer 41” crew are sets where all the fighters are dressed in parkas. From the size point of view, Warriors’ infantrymen match the best with Esci’s crew which are made in hard plastic and thanks to this, may be seriously upgraded by using Preiser heads, weapons or gear. In addition, figures also dressed in parkas could be found in resin or white metal sets, Miniaturas Alemany’s “German Panzer Grenadiers” being a great example in this regard, incorporating 12 poses, almost all wearing parkas. Furthermore, their size is quite close to the one featured in the present reviewed set. On the other hand, compatibility is best achieved with the brother set “German Grenadiers Winter Dress Set # 1” as well as with the figures enclosed in the other series of two sets related to WWII German Infantry from Warriors, “German Tank Riders in Winter Dress”. The content of both series maintains exactly the same proportions of gear, bodies and weapons, being manufactured by the same company and sculptured by the same artist.

“German Grenadiers Winter Dress Set # 2” not only comes with a necessary continuation for the first set, but also enriches the scale with other four astonishing figures. Both sets are a must have for any modeller wanting to depict a Middle or Late War diorama requiring the presence of some German soldiers walking. Gathering them and even increasing their number with several interesting and easy reachable conversions of the same bodies, it can be recreated a WWII German squad in full accordance with the KStN. The most recommended environment for them is the cold one, but in some extent, these figures will not look odd as well in warmer periods. Awesome, remarkable, gorgeous, astonishing, amazing, eye-catching are words often encountered along the reviews of the series, but absolutely sure, these figures totally deserve them.  


Historical Accuracy 10
Anatomy 10
Poses Quality 10
Details Quality 10
Mould Quality 10
Sculpture 10
Recommendation/Utility 10
Reviewer’s Opinion 10