Miniaturas Alemany - German Assault Gun Crew (FG7202) _________(BRF)



Manufacturer Miniaturas Alemany
Scale 1/72
Set Code FG7202
Year -
No. of Figures 12
No. of Poses 6 (12)
Additional Items None
Size Tall
Material White Metal
Colour Silver
Flash Level Medium
Glue-ability Excellent (Superglue Gel)
Conversion-ability Easy
Optimal Period 1939  - 1945



In terms of uniforms German Assault Gun or Sturm Artillery units did not differ too much than Panzer units, the main difference resting in dissimilar colours, Feldgrau for them and black for Panzer. In fact, Sturm Artillery troops considered themselves as belonging to Artillery and shared the same Waffenfarbe. Anyway, Minauras Alemany’s “German Assault Artillery Crew” proposes minis dressed for winter, the classical wrapper being covered by greatcoats. For this reason, the troopers could act either as Sturm Artillery or any other WWII German units wearing greatcoats such as infantry, field artillery, Luftwaffe etc.

Practically, bearing I mind the garment worn by these crewmen, they are more appropriate to take positioning in the open fighting compartment of a self propelled gun (SPG) such as Hummel, Nashorn, Wespe etc than on a StuG, StuH or other closed tank-hunter vehicle such as Elephant, JagdPanther or JagdTiger. The crews of such vehicles rather worn even in winter jackets or parkas instead of long greatcoats that could hamper their moves in the narrow available space. Nevertheless, some reference images show for instance, StuG crewmen dressed in greatcoats and if desired, the hobbyist might mount them on such a vehicle.

The kit provides twelve figures in six poses, but the multi-part approach with separate arms allows conversions, so twelve distinct poses could be easily reached. No assembly guidelines are delivered, but those would be unnecessary while the parts of each figure are delivered on individual slots and cannot be accidentally mixed. The artwork of the box delivers enough information on how the six standard poses should finally appear, for the rest being highly recommended the modeller to try combining various arms in order to achieve new distinct and attractive stances. In standard poses, the figures are suitable for carrying out different tasks or just to relax, at least two of them doing nothing, holding their arms crossed. On account that most of the times an assault artillery vehicle was operated by four member crew, the set offers the chance of populating at least three such vehicles.

Although all wearing greatcoats and marching/jack boots, headgear is diverse and includes steel helmets, M34 overseas caps and officer caps. A point of interest are the sheets put over the greatcoat by two troopers, the item can be painted either in white or in Wehrmacht or Waffen SS camouflage patterns. It was a common practice of German troopers to wear over greatcoats or uniforms another cloth for camouflage purposes. Except the standard parkas and smocks, in winter many reference images reveal white sheets, captured tablecloth or even funnier, macramé works as common items worn over greatcoats for camouflage purposes. Most of the figures received belts and pistol holsters which is in full conformity with reality, as specialized troops, pistol representing the personal weapon of assault gun crews.  

Superglue gel emerges as an excellent adhesive not only for putting together the minis but also for adding supplementary gear such as binoculars, map cases or other items made of hard plastic and supplied within various Dragon and Preiser kits. As metal figures, priming is mandatory before starting painting otherwise the material will not be able to keep colours in proper conditions.

These crewmen belong to the tall side of 1/72 and considering their initial designation, they match pretty good with Tracks&Troops’ “WW2 German Nashorn SPG crew – winter”. However, bearing in mind both their size and clothes, great matches are also achieved with Juveela’s impressive range of figures as well as with other Miniaturas Alemany figures aiming winter.

Taking into account the huge number of self propelled guns, StuGs and other assault artillery vehicles available in the 1/72 scale and the fact that most of those are issued by producers without crewmen, this Miniatuas Alemany set is extremely useful, especially for portraying crews in the open fighting compartments of SPGs in the middle of a hash winter. Except the interesting and out-of-ordinary move toward WWII German armoured vehicle crews, the kit benefits also by a fine sculpture and its content provides plenty of opportunities for conversions. Furthermore, Miniaturas Alemany’s assault artillery crewmen have the great advantage of matching not just vehicles, without any effort they might be turned into field artillery, infantry or other WWII German troopers in winter. 


Historical Accuracy 10
Anatomy 9
Poses Quality 9
Details Quality 9
Mould Quality 9
Sculpture 9
Recommendation/Utility 10
Reviewer’s Opinion 9