TQD Castings - Heer 1936-45 Summer Infantry Marching 1 (TQD-GH8) _________(EXT)

Manufacturer TQD Castings
Scale 1/72
Set Code TQD-GH8
Year Unknown
No. of Figures 5
No. of Poses 5
Additional Items None
Size Tall
Material White Metal
Colour Silver
Flash Level Low
Glue-ability Excellent (Super-glue Gel)
Convert-ability Difficult
Optimal Period 1939 - 1945


A company impressing not only through the number of sets issued but also due to the quality of products is TQD Castings, an illustrious metal figure producer from UK. In the field of 1/72 WWII Germans, the offer put forward by the company overwhelms, treating a multitude of topics and filling plenty of blank or insufficiently covered matters. Furthermore, a particular theme is treated via several sets that might be easily combined for an enhanced reflection. In addition, the products are in the true 1/72 scale, the same proportions being kept throughout the whole tender which definitely represents a key feature in combining the troopers from various sets accommodating one to six figurines. Practically, most of TQD Castings poses are based on reference images, fact bringing an important contribution in enhancing the charm of these minis.

TQD Castings toy-soldiers come in remarkably natural stances and proportions, and this, corroborated with the sizes of bodies and gear, make them fully compatible with Preiser and Warriors miniatures, the sets of these eminent hobby makers complementing in an exceptional manner although the materials used for casting the final products are different, Preiser exploiting hard plastic and Warriors resin. The style of sculpting on the figs released by the just mentioned firms is quite similar, faces, gear, and proportions having very close appearances and first-rate replicating in 1/72 the original items. Obviously, in the field activates companies issuing merchandise of the same or even superior quality like Dragon, CMK, Pegasus Hobbies and the list is beyond doubt much longer.

Predominantly sold via e-shops, TQD Castings sets lack a box or a special package, the content being delivered in an ordinary transparent small plastic bag, without any title, artwork or guidelines. Still, the title of the set and eventual painting and assembly instructions might be found on the web-site of the producer, showing most of the times the minis painted in a wargaming but finely detailed style.

In general, the complete titles of TQD Castings sets are pretty long, but this provides the advantage of better describing weapons, uniforms, actions or other key elements featured by the product. The WWII German soldiers during a summer march subject is illustrated by TQD Castings inside four sets. Gathering all those figs in the same place, the hobbyist can brilliantly achieve a part of a column advancing or retreating from the front line, a scenario ample attested by thousands of films and photos shot during WWII, showing interminable lines of soldiers accompanied or not by horse-drawn or motor vehicles.

Proposing five soldiers on the way, “Heer 1936-45 Summer Infantry Marching 1”, neither representing a complex set in terms of equipment nor concerning the adopted stances, is really a basic but charming in its simplicity proposal. Nevertheless, at a closer look, the viewer will be impressed by the top-notch poses, so natural in what they depict as well as by the outstanding way gear is set and hung. Furthermore, the immense amount of small details available on uniforms, gear, and weapons completely demonstrate the incredible and out-of-ordinary skills of the sculptor as well as the high quality of the mould and cast, not accidentally the company proudly incorporated in their name the term “Castings”.

In full compliance with the title, the soldiers are dressed in M36 uniforms, marching/jack boots and on the heads all have steel helmets, fact highlighting the proximity of the front. Likewise, the hot period is stressed by the rolled-up sleeves and unbuttoned-up tunics. Because M36 uniforms continued to be delivered to units till the end of war, as the title provides for, they might be used throughout the whole war both within Heer or Waffen SS units. The soldiers are endowed with the standard equipment consisting in bread bag, canteen, mess-tin, gas mask container, gas-cape pouch and shovel/entrenching tool. Here four troopers wear the gas cape pouch rolled around the gas mask container and secured with two straps while one of the riflemen prefers to keep it in the position indicated by the initial regulations, on the chest and fastened to the gas mask strap.

Weaponry is based on three Kar98K and two MP40, obviously on such top quality figures ammunition pouches being in full accordance with the firing arms, featuring excellent detailed and hanging extremely natural. Likewise, we have the opportunity to recognise both of the most common models of WWII German shovels/entrenching tools, those with MP40 receiving the folding shovels while the others with rifles getting the fixed tools, also with bayonets attached. In addition, three of them took with them the familiar M24 stick grenades, two riflemen keeping them in front under the belt and the guy with MP40 on the chest preferring to stick it in the right boot. According to most of the reference images, the German soldier used to carry the grenade/grenades under the belt, the other modality here presented, more uncomfortable especially when marching, being rarer encountered but still sustained by photos of the period, including few renowned ones published in Signal.

Consistent with their arsenal and role, the troop is formed by three privates armed with rifles and two NCOs with MP40. Perhaps the riflemen saw something interesting while all look to the left and they transport the Kar98Ks on the right shoulders. In spite the close similarity of the stances, both in terms of body movements and way of keeping gear and weapons, the sculptor introduced enough elements for fast identifying the poses. The NCOs are also very realistic and can be nicely displayed in front of the unit, one looking straight and holding the MP40 on the chest, the other, caught right in the moment when drinking received on the chest a pair of binoculars and both ammunition pouches, his colleague getting only the left hand side one. It is a bit strange the drinking NCO has not only the canteen from the hand, but also another fixed in position on the back. Moreover, all his team-mates still have their canteens, so he is either a thirsty NCO taking with him two canteens or borrowed it from a comrade not introduced by this set.

In terms of sculpture, the figures definitely impress with great anatomy and highly accurate and detailed uniforms, gear, and weapons. The proportions of heads and bodies are superb, facial details are more than fine and the palms are not at all over-scaled, also with clear and correctly set fingers. Details on uniforms astonish with their perfection, creases, shoulder and collar boards, pockets and flaps, stitches, and buttons emerging exceedingly neat and authentic. Furthermore, a remarkable achievement is perceived on the steel helmets, where the sculptor managed to depict the rivet heads and vent holes. Gear is another extraordinary realization, putting forward outstanding details and reiterating sculptor’s in-depth knowledge in the WWII German soldier and his equipment. Of note should be that from casting reasons, TQD weapons comes slightly thicker but nothing disturbing, these do not make almost no contrast with similar items manufactured by Preiser or Dragon. Various distinct features appear tremendously clear both on Kar98K and MP40, as well as admirable sculptured and easily detected slings for all the weapons.

In order to achieve so detailed miniatures, moulding and casting must be perfect, the figures also arriving almost flash-less and with no excess of material. As always when painting white metal, it is necessary to prime the minis first, otherwise the paints will not properly stay and the artistic endeavour could be seriously damaged even by modest touches. Each figure comes on a slot tang that must be snapped and glued in a plastic round base, usually supplied by TQD Castings in plenty of their sets. The best adhesive is super glue gel, and not only for this, but also for eventual conversions carried out on the minis, especially if using hard plastic equipment, weapons or body parts provided in considerable quantities by Preiser of Dragon inside their figure sets. On the other hand, although the white metal deployed by TQD Castings is one of the sturdiest, detaching the figures from the slots is not so complicated this time because they are walking and mostly, not the full soles touches the slots. As tool for removing the slot tangs are recommended snippers, cleaning the area following to be done with a modelling knife or file.     

Linking these minis with those put forward by Part 2, the hobbyist can obtain a rifle squad with soldiers endowed with weapons in compliance with KStN provisions. Furthermore, for increasing the unit, the other TDQ Castings marching soldiers in summer clothes, bare-headed but with helmets fixed on the belt are ideal, though the poses emerge quite similar, the main difference being given by the heads with or without helmets. However, for even deepen the topic, Preiser proposes within two sets a large number of marching soldiers dressed just the same and as previously pointed out, perfectly fitting from all points of view the TQD Castings figs. 

Heer 1936-45 Summer Infantry Marching 1” addresses to all target groups due to its qualities, responding to the needs of gamers and static modellers in the same manner. The product is really sturdy and the toy-soldiers based so no concerns on the wargaming table while modellers are spoilt with a huge amount of small details, perfect anatomy, dynamic stances and full compliance in terms of size, attire, and level of sculpture with similar products issued by favorite manufacturers.   

Historical Accuracy 10
Anatomy 10
Poses Quality 10
Details Quality 10
Mould Quality 10
Sculpture 10
Recommendation/Utility 10
Reviewer’s Opinion 10