CMK - U-VII crew at rest part II (F72127) _________(EXT)


Manufacturer CMK
Scale 1/72
Set Code F72127
Year Unknown
No. of Figures 3
No. of Poses 3
Additional Items Six tins
Size Tall
Material Resin
Colour Cream
Flash Level Intermediate
Glue-ability Excellent (Super Glue Gel)
Convert-ability Easy
Optimal Period 1939 - 1945



Representing the most important manufacturer of 1/72 Kriegsmarine figures, CMK succeeds to depict within a remarkable number of sets the U-Boat and various vessels crews in huge amount of hypostases. Titles of the sets are eloquent for indicating the portrayed actions and sometimes the same topic has been treated inside two separate sets. An example on the matter puts forward the simplest action, namely resting, which was treated within two brilliant parts, the second being analysed by the present review.

As its predecessor and all company’s resin offers, the figures arrive to customers packed in a clear plastic box attached to a cardboard including the artwork with a precise drawing of the poses met inside. However, the customer can see what is about and the level of details from the very beginning on the shop shelves thanks to the transparent plastic used for the box.  

The three miniatures are delivered on defined slots and in spite not supplying assembly guidelines or numbered parts, putting together the kit goes smooth and swift while the figures are split in few parts, heads, arms, and feet involving assembly. The feet of a soldier arrive on a different slot, flanked by four cans, perhaps food tins, other two being supplied on another slot for a total of six. The cans are cast on pairs, but these can be split very fast and potentially, three of them might be allocated to the figures from Set 1 for inducing the idea that the army-men are in a meal break. For great results at assembly, advisable is using cyanoacrylate glue, especially super glue achieving an extremely durable bond, capable to support accidental falls.

Part 2 continues on the same line with its forerunner, proposing three figures dressed in the same way, the troopers wearing overalls. A distinction rests in head covers, in Set 1 all wore M34 overseas caps, but in the second part only a single soldier has got it, his two comrades wearing nothing on their heads. Under overalls they have shirts and shoe ankle boots, exactly like their partners from the previous set. Not only some rolled up sleeves but also the unbuttoned up overalls make reference to a warm or temperate area. Likewise, within WW2 German Army there exist a large number of models of overalls, including civil ones, issued in various shades of gray, green, black, blue etc, giving the modeller plenty of room to finish his minis.

Although the title makes reference to the U-VII U-Boat, the attire was not a standard issue for that submarine and might be found on any U-Boat type or Kriegsmarine vessel, as well as on soldiers enrolled in Luftwaffe, Panzer, maintenance or any other units within WW2 German Army. Because of that, these figures have unlimited usages, depending only on hobbyist’s needs, imagination or references, the garment items also allowing displaying throughout the whole war, without period restriction.

In full accordance with title and artwork, the troopers just rest on the deck, simply sitting and doing nothing. Two of them, without head covers, look in the distance and sit in extremely interesting and natural poses to which the multi-part assembly has given a key input. The third, wearing M34 overseas cap, stare at a photo or read a letter from/to his family, emerging pretty similar with a stance adopted by a figure incorporated in Set 1. Still, the two poses are not identical, few differences coming out very clear such as dissimilar way of holding the paper and legs etc. Furthermore, the hobbyist who wants making a clearer distinction between the two poses might swap the head with M34 cap with one wearing nothing. Additionally, in the endeavour to illustrate a relaxed meal break, next to these troopers the modeller can add the food tins supplied as optional parts by the producer. In fact, with or without food tins, the poses reveal a tranquil atmosphere with soldiers during a break far from any action zone.    

As most CMK figures on Kriegsmarine topics, anatomy is great, generally respecting the natural proportions of bodies and with impressively detailed faces. Here, this outstanding sculpture is further put in valour by the heads wearing nothing, letting to be better perceived the ideally carved eyes, eye-brows, noses, cheeks, mouths, ears, and hair. Some palms could be appraised as a little over-scaled, but not in an exaggerate manner and not diminishing the overall quality of the figs. Besides, the sculpture of fingers is nicely done, paying attention not only to the correct number, but also to humanly possible positions. Overalls appear realistic, to this contributing the fine creases, pockets, buttons, and other small details that increase the charm of a 1/72 miniature. Mould and cast seem of good quality, providing figures without excess of material and just a low amount of flash and carrier film, immediately cleaned with any tool. A couple of small air-bubbles have been identified on the three pieces and those can be filled with super glue during the assembly process or in a later stage, if noticed, even with a glut of paint. For their products, CMK utilises a high-quality resin, not sensitive and exceedingly glue-able and paintable. As always, painting is a joy on resin, enamel, acrylics, and artistic oils integrating in the material and being kept despite numerous touches.

The soft plastic “German Navy” from Revell brought into attention the 1/72 Kriegsmarine soldiers at mass level, but the garage industry supplies in various materials a complex tender, CMK, Warriors, Hecker & Goros emerging as representative names in the field. Nevertheless, CMK grants the most comprehensive catalogue on Kreigsmarine, depicting U-Boat and vessel crewmen in plenty of possible stances. Likewise, it is more than interesting that almost all 1/72 Kriegsmarine figures, no matter manufacturer, are sculptured in the tall side of 1/72, excellent matching from all points of view. However, due to worn attire, the present ones ideally interact as well with minis included in Luftwaffe, Panzer, and mechanics sets put forward by Preiser, Extratech, Miniaturas Alemany or even CMK, the company possessing a rich offer in this domain. Being the master work of the same sculptor, the army-men of Set 2 brilliantly match and complete those of Set 1, not only in terms of clothes and sizes, but also as regards adopted stances.   

CMK has enriched the 1/72 scale with striking sets on Kriegsmarine issues, illustrating crewmen in an enormous number of stances, from activities in the harbour to those on patrol or in fight. The two sets showing personnel at rest impress through awesome sculpture as well as thanks to the so simple stances adopted but impeccably caught by the sculptor. Mainly targeting static model builders and collectors, some resin products are suitable for wargame table, too. The fast assembly corroborated with the lack of sensitive parts and not breakable material make the CMK sets on U-Boat crewmen at rest perfect in this purpose.

“U-VII crew at rest Part II” blissfully interweaves with the first part and the two sets is almost a must-have for those wanting to achieve an extraordinary scene. Sustained by the great interaction between the poses, with little care and inspiration, it can be shown an awesome moment with soldiers during a break, resting and carrying out most normal actions. Not only a Kriegsmarine U-Boat or vessel constitute ideal locations for these troopers, but also displayed on armoured or maintenance vehicles, airplanes or airfields, military camps or related places will impress and improve the general picture, giving it a more human form. Statistics highlight that merely 1% from the service of a soldier involved combat actions, so these two CMK sets aiming daily-life activities have an enhanced importance and utility.


Historical Accuracy 10
Anatomy 10
Poses Quality 10
Details Quality 10
Mould Quality 10
Sculpture 10
Recommendation/Utility 10
Reviewer’s Opinion 10