CMK - U-VII crew at rest part I (F72118) _________(EXT)


Manufacturer CMK
Scale 1/72
Set Code F72118
Year Unknown
No. of Figures 3
No. of Poses 3
Additional Items None
Size Tall
Material Resin
Colour Cream
Flash Level Intermediate
Glue-ability Excellent (Super Glue Gel)
Convert-ability Easy
Optimal Period 1939 - 1945



In terms of 1/72 WWII Germans, CMK sets out as the most prolific resin manufacturer, with a complex catalogue of sets covering a large array of topics. However, the subject benefitting by enhanced attention from the company represents Kriegsmarine, the huge list of released figure sets really impressing. Likewise, these sets are characterised not only by an excellent sculpture, but also by the enormous amount of hypostases in which crews are depicted. Most of CMK regular sets include three figures, while those belonging to Maritime Line series feature much more miniatures, of course arriving at a higher price. Bearing in mind the key role played by German U-Boats during WWII, CMK has shown special interest in the personnel operating that famous weapon and brilliantly succeed to illustrate those men in most possible activities and actions. In this regard, we can find within CMK’s offer crew preparing the U-Boat, loading provisions and torpedoes, on guard in the conning tower, at rest, on the deck, gun crews, and even U-Boat aces. Some of those sets benefitted by two parts, one such theme targeting the crewmen at rest, its Part 1 following to be here reviewed.

This standard CMK set incorporating three minis and without any accessories is commercialised in the classical clear plastic box fixed on cardboard, the model being used by the company for all their 1/72 resin figure kits. As artwork it received a piece of paper with the drawn version of the soldiers, in exact poses with those comprised and it might be taken as an assembly and painting guide. The crewmen come with heads, arms and one trunk separated, but the parts for each one are given on individual slots, so a wrong putting together is less probable. Resin outstanding reacts at cyanoacrylate glue, particularly the gel one being highly recommended while it gives few seconds for further readjustments. The pieces go in their position quite well and their small numbers make assembly fast and simple.

Although within their series dedicated to Kriegsmarine CMK provides an extraordinary diversity of attire, this time all the three figures are dressed just the same, in overalls and with overseas caps and ankle boots.  Indeed, such garment items were extremely often worn by U-Boat crews and their overalls enlarge with much the utility of these minis, easily enrolled in different armies, Panzer, Luftwaffe or other units welcoming and aching for such army-men. The unbuttoned up overalls match the best with a warm or temperate climate and taking into account the great variety of colours in which overalls were issued, the hobbyist has at disposal plenty of choices for painting the minis. As it has just pointed out, the reference to the famous U-VII U-Boat from the title does not hamper the usage of these troopers to any type of U-Boat, vessel, ground or air armies.

As title and artwork underline, the soldiers are at rest, all sitting on the deck and carrying out some very normal activities, one simply staying, another scratching the left palm and the last either looking at some photos or reading a letter from/to his beloved family. Indeed, when arranged in positions the figures depict a vey clam and simple atmosphere but somehow a tension might be felt in the air. Here it is the great merit of the sculptor who succeeded to suggest such atmosphere through poses doing almost nothing.     

Bodies are perfect proportioned and facial expressions strikes from the first glance due to brilliant sculpted eyes, eye-brows, noses, mouths, ears, and hair. Though palms might be taken as a hair over-scaled, this is not annoying and all benefit by clearly distinguished fingers. Likewise, attire is finely carved, with realistic creases, pockets, buttons and other small niceties. The insignificant flash and carrier film are fast removed and the multi-part approach directly led to the lack of excess of material. Furthermore, the proper mould and cast is also revealed by the low number of air-bubbles, only a couple of tiny ones could be discovered on the reviewed product. Painting raises no special problem, enamel, acrylics and artistic oils immediately being accepted and maintained unmodified even following heavy handling. The excellent quality resin, not fragile as well as the absence of fragile parts and the simple assembly recommend the product to wargaming, too.

In mass production tender there is listed a single set on Kriegsmarine topic, brought by Revell in 2005 under the name “German Navy”, but luckily the gap is covered by many cottage industry products launched not only by CMK, but also by Warriors and Hecker & Goros. A special point is that both Revell and the great majority of garage industry sets are issued in the tall side of 1/72, perfectly matching from the point of view of body and gear sizes. Moreover, comrades dressed in overalls can be found not only in Kriegsmarine sets, but also inside Luftwaffe, Panzer, mechanics ones, put forward by Preiser and Extratech, CMK distinguishing in this domain again. Obviously, content of Set 1 outstandingly fits with Set 2, both in terms of clothes, sizes and more important, concerning poses, all the figures of the two sets arriving in sit poses.   

It is often the case in 1/72 WWII German figures filed, hobbyists, especially diorama builders, preferring tranquil poses, portraying common activities carried out by soldiers than those featuring troopers in the mist of combat, so here we get a perfect alternative in this regard. Nevertheless, the CMK crew at rest succeed to bring life and a distinctive note to any kit of Kriegsmarine U-Boat or vessel, armoured or maintenance vehicle, airplane or to any other place where they are placed.


Historical Accuracy 10
Anatomy 10
Poses Quality 10
Details Quality 10
Mould Quality 10
Sculpture 10
Recommendation/Utility 10
Reviewer’s Opinion 10