Preiser - WWII German Troops on Leave (72521) _________(EXT)



Manufacturer Preiser
Scale 1/72
Set Code 72521
Year 2002
No. of Figures 6
No. of Poses 6
Additional Items Gear/Weapons
Size Tall
Material Hard Plastic
Flash Level Intermediate
Glue-ability Excellent (Polly-cement)
Convertibility Easy
Optimal Period 1943 – 1945



One of Preiser’s specific features is trying hard to catch in as many hypostases as it possible the Wehrmacht troops. Inside this small set it was looked for a very rare one, still unique topic in 1/72, namely soldiers that are coming or going on leave. In spite of being just six poses, the set succeeds to bring the atmosphere from WWII Germany’s railway stations and streets. It achieves its goal, even if there were included just three regular soldiers, the rest being two Feldgendarms and a nurse. If somebody intends to illustrate a complex scene form a German town in that period, the number of soldiers on leave can be easily increased through the attachment of other figures from the many Preiser sets referring to Wehrmacht, plenty of them fitting the purpose. In addition, through using other accessories included in sets from the same manufacturer, the soldiers from this set can be turned into front line troops or in march to it.

It is well-known the fact that both due to the material used at their fabrication, hard plastic, and the way of delivering, in small pieces, from the Preiser figures can be obtained an infinite number of poses. Moreover, the parts of one figure can be mixed with ones from other sets resulting very interesting and unique poses.

In general, the soldiers enclosed in sets from this manufacturer come without equipment which is given on separate sprues. For this time, taking into account that the set is sold in a very small box, the equipment can be found on the same sprues with the figures and it is few comparing with other sets of the same producer.If it is desired, its completion can be solved with the support of other Preiser sets that abound in such accessories.Being made in hard plastic, at this set not only the pieces bond strong with any kind of glue used at kits, but also the components perfectly match each other.

“German Troops on Leave” includes two sprues, each one containing all the necessary parts for assembling three figures as well as their equipment. On the first one, there are a two Feldgendarms and a nurse and on the other one comprising three regular soldiers. Taking into consideration the uniform and its thickness, it can be said that the set addresses especially for cold periods.  It also can be used in a cold June morning or evening, various reference pictures featuring German soldiers wearing great-coats in summer. 

The uniform wear by the three regular soldiers is the one specific of the first part of WWII, all dressing the M34 tunic. Two of them have marching boots and one has boots and gaiters. For their heads, the M43 peaked field cap is the only provided option. All their dress combines specific elements of early and middle period of WWII, but both the M34 tunic and the marching boots continued to be delivered to troops till the end of war.

What is the most interesting at the three soldiers are their hands due to the fact that hold different objects such as a great-coat, a parcel and a luggage. As well interesting are two from the three incorporated knapsacks because one is a regular rucksack, having a different model from Tornister M39 which is common for almost all Preiser sets. The other one, in spite of being a M39, differs from the rest due to the fact that in addition to the blanket rolled around, it has attached and a great-coat. The third knapsack is found in almost all the sets form this manufacturer.

As a matter of course for some soldiers on leave, these soldiers are unarmed and just one has the regular Kar 98K ammo pockets, but only on one side. Another has his helmet hung at the belt, two have their bread-bags and on the same sprue there are given two canteens.

It has to be mentioned that on the sprue there are provided only the precise number of pieces in order to assemble three soldiers, namely thee bodies, six arms and three heads. The second sprue is a really peculiar one for the 1/72 sets that show German soldiers in WWII. It incorporates the necessary pieces for putting together two Feldgendarms and a nurse.

The Feldgendarms are pretty rare seen in this scale, such figures being met in  Armourfast/Hat “WWII German Zundapp Motorcycle”. On the one hand those figures are not quite well done and on the other hand they are dressed in M40 Staubmantel (motorcycle rubber coat).

The two Feldgendarms present here wear M40 great-coats, marching boots, gorget on their chest (Feldgendarm‘s badge) and the only option for their heads is steel helmets. Their poses suggest a patrol; one is officer, the other soldier. The officer checks some papers while the soldier guards him with a Kar 98K on his shoulder and ammo pockets only on one side. In addition, to the officer can be attached a 9 mm pistol holster (P-08 Parabellum/P-38 Walther) that is given on the same sprue.

The nurse is dressed in skirt, apron, blouse and on her shoulders she has a great-coat to which must be attached the sleeves. She has shoes and on her head she wears nothing, but this part is nicely detailed, her hair being gathered in a mat. She has a cup in one hand and in the other a jug. All these details suggest that she is on a railway platform, delivering hot drinks to soldiers that come from or go on the front. The inclusion of a nurse increases the charm of the set, especially taking into account the fact that German women in WWII are weak represented at 1/72. Another set where can be found several women is Pegasus Hobbies „Germans in Berlin 1945”, but these are in fighting positions and most of them are dressed in civil cloths.

The bodies are nicely proportioned and the faces are expressive and well sculptured even if the physiognomy at some is worse than at other Preiser heads. All the uniforms are historically authentic and well done, being visible numerous details from them. Moreover, there is no difference between the sizes of the equipment or bodies from a pose to another.

The soldiers can be assembled with the pieces included on the sprues or appealing to other arms and accessories that are optional in different Preiser sets regarding Wehrmacht. It is even recommended the replacement of the M43 caps from here because these are a little worse than the rest of such optional caps produced by this manufacturer. Assembling the figures is not complicated, but it is required attention and patience, especially at small details. Even if there is present, flash is rare and easy to remove.

The figures incorporated here are perfectly matching those from most of Preiser sets referring to the German army in WWII, with Esci’s “German Soldiers”/Italeri’s “German Infantry”, Revell’s “German Armoured Infantry”, and “German Artillery” (both made in collaboration with Preiser) and Airfix  “German Infantry”. All these figures have almost the same size at heads, weapons and gear as well as the same type of uniform.

Moreover, due to the fact that the set includes two Feldgendarms and a nurse and on the other hand, thanks to the knapsacks and accessories held by the soldiers, its value is high, especially for a diorama aiming topics like towns or railway stations from 1939 – 1945 Germany. But the set is not limited just at this, its potential being miscellaneous. 


Historical Accuracy 10
Anatomy 10
Poses Quality 10
Details Quality 9
Mould Quality 9
Sculpture 10
Recommendation/Utility 10
Reviewer’s Opinion 9