Ykreol - German Casualties-Berlin 1945 (YKRIP03) _________(BRF)



Manufacturer Ykreol
Scale 1/72
Set Code YKRIP03
Year -
No. of Figures 10
No. of Poses 10
Additional Items None
Size Tall
Material Hard Plastic
Colour White
Flash Level High
Glue-ability Excellent (Superglue Gel)
Conversion-ability Difficult
Optimal Period 1939 - 1945



Casualties reveal the horrible face of war, and both in wargaming or in particular dioramas are a necessity if it is desired to achieve a realistic scene. Unfortunately there is no war without death soldiers or civilians and in terms of 1/72 WWII Germans offers on the matter are scarce, few mass production and cottage industry sets putting forward only few figures on the matter. Battle of Berlin was definitely one of the most ferocious, with hundred thousands of regular army and civilian victims and other atrocities. To that battle marking the end of WWII in Europe several companies dedicated sets including figures of civilians, army and paramilitary organizations which took part and lost their lives in defending either the Third Reich or most commonly, simply their homes and families. Such sets are Odemars’ "Defenders of Berlin" and "Last Defenders of Berlin", Orion’s "Volkssturm 1945" and of course, the outstanding and golden medaled PegasusHobbies’ “Germans in Berlin 1945”. To these should be added Ykreol’s “German Casualties-Berlin 1945”, a kit proposing ten hard plastic figures and limiting to portray, as title emphasizes, only the tragic aspect of the clash.

While Ykreol has started reissuing products of the out-of-business Odemars which made two kits on the topic, a new one launched by Ykreol should not be assessed as a surprise. Furthermore, this company strives covering some gaps in the field of 1/72 WWII Germans and a set including casualties, despite its drama, is definitely an extremely useful one. Regrettably, although proposing unusual topics and ideas, Ykreol WWII German hard plastic figures do not benefit by a striking sculpture, particularly the facial details being really poor.

The content is delivered in the standard Ykreol 1/72 hard plastic figures box featuring as artwork an illustrative vignette of a grave. All the ten figures come in dissimilar poses, laying in various stances as they fell on the ground. There are not only army-men, but also paramilitary organizations members and civilians, including a couple of women, one of the most affected category of population during that battle, having to endure not only rapes, but also to face death.

In order to avoid sculpting the figures on all sides, Ykreol preferred to set them on lager pads featuring some ground-work. The devices could be utilised as provided or as a base for adding more debris or similar stuff. Nevertheless, the adopted solution is not so welcome by hobbyists wanting to use just the figures, a time-consuming and difficult carving work waiting them. Happily, the surgery is possible and this hard plastic would not oppose a big resistance in front of the modelling knife or other tool.

As mentioned, the minis do not impress though anatomy and the poses are not very successful, some of them emerging quite abnormal, with heads and arms twisted quite bizarre due to moulding and sculpting reasons. Likewise, clothes and gear do not make a very good impression, too. Anyway, at its turn, the topic is not very normal and for sure has not a nice face, so anatomical and other mistakes might be easier forgiven.

Due to casting directly on bases flash and excess of material is not so present or so visible. Nonetheless, those wishing to remove the figures from the bases will have plenty of work with modelling tools, similarly like for flash and excess of plastic. Painting goes smooth, this plastic extremely well accepting enamel, acrylics or artistic oils. Likewise, replacing body-parts or adding extra gear and weapons as well as ground-work items might be done with superglue gel as the ideal adhesive making a strong bond between this hard plastic and other ones as well as soft plastic or white metal.    

Encompassed by the medium/tall side of 1/72, these figures propose an useful completition to the 1/72 sets targeting WWII Germans in Berlin and in spite the unattractive sculpture, due to its matter, Ykreol’s  “German Casualties-Berlin 1945” could interest not only collectors, but also wargamers and even diorama builders might find a place for these figures. Furthermore, considering the lack of specific Late War gear and weapons, in some extent, the minis can be utilised to portray casualties along the entire period of war, few of those being appropriate for other nations, too.


Historical Accuracy 7
Anatomy 5
Poses Quality 6
Details Quality 5
Mould Quality 7
Sculpture 4
Recommendation/Utility 7
Reviewer’s Opinion 5