Pegasus Hobbies - Waffen SS 1943 - Set2 (7202) _________(EXT)


Manufacturer Pegasus Hobbies
Scale 1/72
Set Code 7202
Year 2005
No. of Figures 43
No. of Poses 20 (over 30)
Additional Items 2 Optional heads
Size Medium
Material Soft Plastic
Colour Gray
Flash Level Intermediate
Glue-ability Excellent (Super Glue Gel)
Conversion-ability Easy
Optimal Period 1939 - 1945



"Waffen SS 1943 - Set 2" could represent the best ever manufactured 1/72 soft plastic set regarding the German Army in WWII if there was not a tiny size problem at those figures. If Pegasus Hobbies had the inspiration to manufacture these soldiers at the same size with the ones from their previous Waffen SS set, the efforts to produce the top set could be materialized and us to finally be in the presence of the most excellent one. Unfortunately, the figures from Set 2 are in the medium side of 1/72, a little bit smaller than their comrades from the first set. Taking into account the size of bodies, weapons and gear, as well comparing them with figures from other firms, the soldiers from this set can be set near all products issued in the medium and small side of 1/72 scale.

The producer had a brilliant idea, namely to develop on the same topic (1 SS Division "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler" during the Kursk battle in summer 1943) two sets with top figures being in outstanding poses, and for this reason the size issue is a little disappointing.

Nevertheless, Waffen SS Set 2 remains a terrific set, not only because the quality of details, sculpture and poses, but also owed to the high number of niceties encountered inside it.

Moreover, the manufacturer brings here an innovative approach of a soft plastic set, combining the qualities of such a set with those of a hard plastic one through various options provided for figures, allowing in this way a large number of customization. With little efforts, the owner of such a set can succeed to possess an entire German Army platoon with almost all soldiers being in unique poses. Likewise, the kit benefits by Two Editions, identical in terms of poses and even artworks, so no clue to easy distinguish those. The sole difference is the new soft but sturdier plastic deployed by Pegasus Hobbies in all their 1/72 soft plastic figure sets launched after 2008 mainly in order to of avoiding bending weapon barrels issue, fulfill the desire of  hobbyists.

It has to be highlighted once again that the present set, along with Germans in Berlin 1945" (another exceptional set from the same manufacturer) are the only soft plastic sets consenting to figure customization in large amounts.

Additionally, the art work of the box is out of the ordinary, featuring a diorama where there were used several figures that are incorporated in the set.

The figures are dressed in camo smock M 38, regular trousers, marching boots and helmets covered by camouflage canvas. Their cloths make them suitable for any period of WWII, especially after 1943 and can personify both Waffen SS and Wehrmacht troops, the specific camouflage patterns making the difference. Taking into consideration the thickness of the uniforms, these soldiers are mainly addressed for warm periods, the usage in colder seasons not being very much recommended.

All have the "Y" straps and almost all possess the classical gear (except Zeltbahn), respectively gas mask, bread bag, mess-tin, canteen and shovel. With reference to the shovel, this is again provided separately for all figures that have a hole for this purpose. It stays fine, but for a better fixing it is suggested to be glued. Due to the fact that the soldiers are manufactured from soft plastic, it can be used only super glue which wonderfully has great success.

Differing from the previous Waffen SS set where there was offered three models of entrenching tools, this set features a single one, with the bayonet attached. There are given plenty of shovels (44), much more than is necessary for the figures, so "the monster from the carpet" may receive its share without fear or regrets. 

The arsenal of the soldiers is impressive through quality and accuracy, also here can be found several items rarely encountered at 1/72 soft plastic Germans. Such items can be represented by Hafthohlladung 3HL, Tellermine 42 as well the most uncommon, the Kar 98K with Gewehrgranatgerät attached to it.

Other weapons included are typical for the period and for the regular endowment of a German Army infantry platoon in 1943 and does not abound in MGs or MPs. The set presents just two MG34 and four MP40, the rest being composed by Kar 98K (one with scope). In addition, several figures have the pistol holster, namely the two officers and the two machine gunners. 

For such a good set it would have been odd the figures not to have the appropriate ammo pouches and it must be highlighted the fact that except the MGs, all the other weapons have the straps attached. This is a very significant and accurate feature, rarely found in sets from other companies and it is Pegasus Hobbies' plus point to take the decision to reproduce it in all their sets.

With reference to the poses, these are not only tremendously realistic and very well done, but also there are much more to say about them. As it was stressed above, the set combines the qualities of a soft plastic set with those of a hard plastic one and large amount of options are provided for the figures. This allows plenty of customization and a great number of soldiers in different poses can be attained. In fact, with few exceptions, almost all the figures are suitable for such an operation, and the imagination of the modeler can play a lot here.

The optional parts are represented by arms and heads, and for fitting them there is applied the same process as for the shovel, namely a pin and a hole in the body while super glue must be used again. It should be underlined that the same adhesive provides great success for attaching to these soldiers the excellent hard plastic accessories and weapons from Preiser, bringing in this way more diversity for the present figures. In addition, there can be used some spare weapons from "Germans in Berlin 1945".

Waffen SS Set 2 has included forty-three figures from which more than thirty are appropriate for customization. Much more arms than is necessary are offered in this regard, holding in hands various items such as Kar 98K, Hafthohlladung 3HL, Tellermine 42 or ammo boxes for MGs. Moreover, there are provided several heads options through which two are really special. On the faces they wear the gas mask or the camouflage cloth mask, the small level of details allowing the modeler to represent it as he wants. Inside the box can be found twenty-one figures standing, twelve crouching and ten prostrating, but not all of them permit customization. 

The largest part of the poses are truly different than the ones found in other sets and in this regard can be mentioned the crouching soldier firing from his knees, all the prostrating ones as well the ones using the Kar 98K with Gewehrgranatgerät attached to it and the standing figure that looks aside. This list must not be ended without nominating the dead soldier, which even has a bullet hole in his chest!  Furthermore, the gear from his back was sculptured very inspired, with the purpose of achieving an incredibly realistic dead soldier.

Both officers' poses are more than attractive; one is advancing while the other is speaking at a campaign telephone and represents one of the niceties of the set. The advancing officer is looking like a first line lieutenant, wearing steel helmet, binoculars, map case pistol holster and two ammo pouches for his MP40.

The other officer provided by the set is the only figure that wears officer cap and not steel helmet. He is on the phone, a truly attractive and extremely rare pose found in soft plastic sets. The phone is attached to the base and it must be removed and glued from the officer's leg if it is desired the figure not to be used with its base. In addition, for a more realistic appearance, it is necessary to be scratched a wire for connecting the phone with the receiver. At his turn, this officer has pistol holster, map case, mess-tin and maybe binoculars holster or some phone instruments case. Other figures with campaign phones can be found in two Pegasus Hobbies sets, but the models used there are different than the one featured here. It is the full merit of this company that it tried to depict a largely used item on the battle fronts, but so rarely met in this scale. 

The machine gunner and his servant are in undoubtedly special poses. Both stands and are in a firing position that appears to be inspired after a famous WWII photo. The gunner rests the MG34 to which is attached the 50 rounds charger on the servant shoulder while this one holds with both hands the bipod of the MG. Furthermore, the servant has on his back a rare encountered accessory in soft plastic, namely the spare barrel case for the MG. Another nice and accurate aspect is that the gunner has, according to the KsTN, pistol holster at his belt. On the single base of these two figures is found another pleasant detail, an opened ammo box for MGs, inside which can be seen two charges of 50 rounds.

A lot of figures have StiHg-r 24 under their belts or in their marching boots, and for sure, this is the 1/72 German Army soft plastic set with the highest number of grenades included. As well, there are included two exceptionally convincing poses of soldiers using the grenades. The poses are really dynamic; one is preparing to arm the grenade, pulling out the sting, whilst the other is throwing it.

Again two figures are almost identical, namely those that fires form a crouched pose while resting their elbow on the knee. The only difference between them is that one has a grenade under his belt, but in order to enhance the differences their shovels and arms can be glued in different poses as well the string from one weapon can be removed.

The masterpiece of the set, the most attractive figure is represented by the sniper. It is indeed unique in soft plastic thanks to his camouflage, provided both by his uniform and, most important, by the vegetation that he uses in searching for a better cover. The vegetation look like being reed, hay or maybe branches and can be painted in the appropriate colours. Like a real sniper, the soldier has also binoculars and the vegetation is tided around him with a rope. The plants and body are provided separately and it is recommended to be glued on the figure only after both were painted separately.    

Concerning the uniform, the accuracy is perfect and it was solved the small inadvertence at the M38 camo smock encountered in Waffen SS Set 1. All the figures wear the pulled over the head smock that it is opened almost till the button belly. The details found on the smocks are nicely realized, even if their stings are tight and not lose, like there were worn in general by the troops. The collars are more than visible and beg for painting the SS insignia and ranks on them.  In addition, this time the sculptor gave up to represent the SS ranks on the sleeves of the smocks like in the previous set.

Even if they have a small appearance, the anatomy is superb as well the faces that are very expressively and there are no disparities between the size of the weapons or gear at different poses. Furthermore, flash is almost inexistent and easy to remove while excess of plastic does not exist.

It should be emphasized the size of the weapons and gear is almost exactly the same with those encountered in Preiser sets, making these figures suitable to be customized with various items from this manufacturer, like Panzerbüchse 39, Zeltbahn M-37 or even heads. In the same time, the quality of details seen on weapons, gear and bodies rivals with the brilliant one encountered in Preiser sets. The only items that have a little overscaled appearance are the ammo boxes for the MGs.    

The plastic used for manufacturing these figures accepts very well the paint, though it still has the tendency to give a gloss aspect to any paint and for this reason and to have a matt appearance, it has to be added in more layers than usual.

Several gun barrels may be a little bended due to the fact that the figures are manufactured from a very soft plastic.  In order to solve the subject, the easiest way is to soak in hot water the barrel and immediately after to readjust it in the correct position. Still, it has to be stressed that the bending issue is not as present as it was in the first Waffen SS set.

For the fans of figures with bases, maybe there is a good piece of news to find out that there are supplied bases for almost all these soldiers. Likewise, in most of the cases, the bases include several nice details as well a hole in order to attach the figures (having a pin in one boot) to them. Another interesting aspect is that there are given bases for several prostrating poses which fit perfectly in the depicted relief. To provide separate bases for figures is a nice approach, bearing in mind that there are collectors that remove them. In this way, the only required removal operation is an easy one, consisting in cutting off the pin from the boot.

Although there are 1/72 soldiers with small aspect, the figures present reviewed are perfectly compatible by any point of view such as size and camouflage uniform with those included in the Armourfast's German Mortar Team and German Machine Gun Team sets. Indeed, along with Waffen SS Set 2, all these three just mentioned sets are a truly "must have" due to the fact that they complete each other exceptionally well, not only the size of figures, heads and gear being almost identical, but also the thickness of the uniforms. Furthermore, other very good companions for the soldiers analyzed here are included in most of Preiser sets with German Army subjects (except, strangely, those in camouflage uniforms which fit better with Waffen SS Set 1).

The figures contained by the other set from Pegasus Hobbies that deals with the same topic are a little taller than the present reviewed ones and some micron differences are noticed especially at the size of weapons, gear and heads. Nevertheless, these two Waffen SS sets are quite compatible and the figures incorporated by them can be used on the same diorama, especially if it is a large one, with soldiers from various manufacturers. On the other hand, taking into account that it is about a very tiny difference, for sure the size issue will not annoy at all the wargamers.

Waffen SS - Set 2 "1943 Kursk LAH" brings with it the truly atmosphere of the combat, thanks to plenty of figures full of vitality, force and dynamism.  Moreover, it is full of niceties and rare things in soft plastic as it was stressed out along this review and it could represent on of the best sets regarding the German Army ever manufactured. Another huge advantage of the set is granted by the large allowed amount of customization. In fact, to receive more than thirty dissimilar poses in a single set is the dream of any collector or wargamer. 

Last, it should be underlined again, that in spite of several opinions affirming that it is at 1/76, I have to state again, that I assessed it as a really 1/72 set, impression attained after comparing these soldiers with figures from more than fifty 1/72 and 1/76 WWII German soldiers sets produced during the time in soft or hard plastic.


Historical Accuracy 10
Anatomy 10
Poses Quality 10
Details Quality 10
Mould Quality 9
Sculpture 10
Recommendation/Utility 10
Reviewer’s Opinion 10