Orion - German Panzer Soldiers Set2 (ORI7202R) _________(EXT)


Manufacturer Orion
Scale 1/72
Set Code ORI7202R
Year 2011
No. of Figures 3
No. of Poses 3
Additional Items None
Size Tall
Material Resin
Colour Cream / White
Flash Level Medium
Glue-ability Excellent (Super Glue Gel)
Convert-ability Difficult
Optimal Period 1943 – 1945



After remarkable treating within Set 1 the most common appearance of WW2 Panzer crewmen, namely wearing wrappers, Basic Set 2 of Orion’s resin line makes available Panzer soldiers dressed more unusual and in dissimilar attire, practically all the three figures wearing different items of clothing. A special feature of this set rests in using other resin, diverging from the gray one found in Set 1. In fact, in terms of material, Set 2 is a little bit controversial and practically contains two kinds of resin, one cream and another whiter. Two figures were cast in the whiter one and the third figure arrives in the cream material. The whiter resin emerges a little more fragile and cast was not so successful while the cream one is simply perfect, even better than the gray type shared by Set 1 and 4. Nevertheless, sculpture is maintained at the high level encountered in Set 1 and it is normal to be like that bearing in mind the four Orion Basic Sets came out from Boris Knokhov’s skilful hands.

Content is delivered in a small transparent plastic bag fitted on a piece of cardboard proposing as artwork an image of the unpainted figures. Even if resin emerges of good quality, the plastic bag grants no protection during transport and the two figures cast in whiter material have some sensitive parts imposing more care, respectively the officer’s finger pointing the direction and the visor of the M43 cap. These might arrive damaged to customers, but at least the finger has not so much importance, considering the scale, the commander could be apprised as showing direction with the whole fist instead the finger.

Poses are excellent and evoke two crewmen involved in maintenance activities as well as an officer supervising and providing guidelines. Wearing standard Panzer uniform, boots, and visor cap, the commander points at something with the left hand. He comes in a quite relaxed but authoritarian attitude and is suitable for various purposes, not only for checking how maintenance is carried out. According to the badges displayed on his wrapper, we get a very skilful and brave Panzer officer. Likewise, he embodies the only army-man of the set armed with a pistol in its holster.

One of his subordinates, wearing shirt, Panzer trousers, M43 cap, and ankle boots bends a little in front, holding his left arm on the knee in an ordinary stance. Mounted on the vehicle it is the ideal location for the figure, as watching or talking with his comrade with sledge hammer set on the ground. The pose reminds a little about a miniature available in a Preiser set dedicated to Luftwaffe pilots and ground staff, but it is clearly not a copy.   

While the above described figures are cast in a whiter resin, for the soldier with sledge hammer in hands the higher quality cream resin was preferred, perhaps in order to avoid breakage of thin parts of the tool. This sets out as an excellent choice, details being extremely crisp, revealing at full potential the master work of the sculptor. Wearing drill service uniform formed by tunic and trousers, M34 overseas cap, and boots, the army-man prepares to fix a problem at the vehicle, perhaps a broken track or something else requiring the tool he holds. Emplaced on the ground next to the track he perfectly interacts with the comrade mounted on the vehicle, but also various locations are suitable for him. Doubtless, based on the garment they worn, both he and his comrade in shirt are feasible for enrolling in a range of units such as Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine or infantry while due to the wrapper, the officer could belong only to Panzer or Sturmartillerie. The attire of these soldiers not only perfectly suits Panzer and various other troops, but also gives modellers plenty of solutions for painting.  

Although the two figs cast in whiter resin come out a little slimmer than their colleague with sledge hammer, the anatomy is great, not making any discrepancy with the natural diversity of human bodies. The three minis benefit by fine facial details, with awesome carved eyes, eye-brows, noses, mouths, ears, and hair but certainly the most impressive are the ones available on the trooper with sledge hammer. The same is valid for clothes, all possess nicely carved small details, but those displayed on the drill service uniform are striking, absolutely some of the best in the field of 1/72 WWII Germans.

Previously highlighted, here we encounter two kinds of cast, both very good but a plus point has to be awarded for the mini made of cream resin. Flash and carrier film are present but easily removed while excess of material or air-bubbles are not perceived here. Painting on resin represents a pleasure, the substance flawlessly answering to enamel, acrylics, and artistic oils, durable integrating and keeping those even when the minis are subjected to intense handling. Bases would have been pretty useless for these figs and additionally, all of them have an excellent balance, standing where they are set.

In the tall side of 1/72 scale, these army-men find plenty of companions not only within Panzer troops but also in sets issued on Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine or mechanics topics. Preiser, Dragon, El Viejo Dragon, CMK, and Warriors are just few examples of companies commercialising related tenders with minis matching the Orion resin Panzer line in terms of size and attire.

The little more sensitive resin and fragility of some parts make more suitable the content of German Panzer Soldiers - Basic Set 2 for diorama and collecting purposes than wargaming. However, due to great crafting and enormous adaptability to various purposes, these soldiers might find plenty of target group representatives interested in purchasing a new kit distinguished trough one of the most successful figures of Braille Scale. However, content of Set 2 records few minor moulding and casting issues, but despite those, the extraordinary sculpture diminishes the faults, the set still overcoming most of the existing related offers. Moreover, it seems that the sculptor and manufacturer are in permanent search for perfection and regrettable, in less than a year since its first launch, the here reviewed set has been announced as cancelled. Taking into account that fact-finding, collectors would rather rush in purchasing Orion’s Basic Set 2, because of its unquestionable class, for sure in time its value will increase with much pretty fast.  


Historical Accuracy 10
Anatomy 10
Poses Quality 10
Details Quality 10
Mould Quality 9
Sculpture 10
Recommendation/Utility 10
Reviewer’s Opinion 10