Miniaturas Alemany - German Panzer Crews (FG7201) _________(BRF)




Manufacturer Miniaturas Alemany
Scale 1/72
Set Code FG7201
Year -
No. of Figures 14
No. of Poses 7 (12)
Additional Items None
Size Tall
Material White Metal
Colour Silver
Flash Level Medium
Glue-ability Excellent (Superglue Gel)
Conversion-ability Easy
Optimal Period 1942 - 1945



Panzer crews have been depicted in a series of sets mainly issued by cottage industry while mass production answers come from Caesar and Preiser. Still, the great majority of those kits aim Panzer troops dressed for warm or temperate environments, for the cold season only few offers being available. One of the most complex comes from Miniaturas Alemany within a special figure set on the topic, all troopers wearing parkas and matching padded trousers.

It is the great merit of the company who has identified and strived filling in gaps in terms of 1/72 WWII Germans, this set being part and parcel of a series of figure kits dedicated by Miniaturas Alemnay to the most frequent units appearing mounted on WWII German armour, namely Panzer troops, Assault Artillery and Panzer Grenadiers, all aiming cold periods.

After the unpleasant experience of the first year spent on the Eastern Front, since 1942 specialised winter attire was delivered to different units, parkas and matching trousers being one of the most common garment items distributed not only to infantry but also to Panzer units. Indeed, the length of the parkas made them ideal for soldiers operating in a narrow space like the interior of a Panzer and most of the reference images reveal such troopers dressed in parkas during winter. Of course, other pieces of garment such as leather jackets, warm vests and even the classic black Panzer wrapper, which was practically developed after a popular ski suit, were worn by Panzer soldiers during hash winters.

Commercialised in the common Minaturas Alemany 1/72 box, the content being wrapped in a plastic sheet and emplaced in a cardboard box, the kit put forward fourteen figures in seven poses. Five of these are full figures and multi-part, meaning that conversions can be easily achieved, by mixing arms and bodies the hobbyist having the great chance of achieving attractive new poses. There are also included two busts casted as single pieces and duplicated one time, for these conversions requiring eventual modifications and supplementary gear.

While the two busts share the same slot, the multi-part figures are supplied on individual slots making unnecessary assembly instructions, sufficient guidelines for putting together the minis in standard poses being offered by the artwork of the box. For linking the parts as well as for additional hard plastic gear, super glue gel is the most advocated adhesive, the created bond being long lasting and very strong.

Except parkas and over-trousers, all figures shoe ankle boots but headgear is different, three having visor caps, two M34 overseas caps, one M43 cap, and one fur cap. Likewise, all full figures possess belts and pistol holsters, an accurate detail while pistol was the personal weapon of a Panzer trooper. Likewise, parkas allow plenty of options for painting, being generally a reversible item, with one side always white and the other mouse gray or featuring various Waffen SS and Wehrmacht camouflage patterns.

The poses are excellent for the targeted topic, two figures standing, two sat, one crouched, and two bust, obviously designed for vehicle or vehicles hatches. The poses are very natural and could find their places either mounted on vehicles or near those, especially the standing ones. Likewise, a WWII German Panzer was manned by a crew of four or five, so the fourteen figures offered by the kit are sufficient for covering three or even more vehicles if assessed that other crewmen are inside the vehicle. 

On the one hand, bearing in mind that the same attire was delivered to different units like infantry, Panzer Grenadiers, artillery etc and on the other hand, considering the full figures did not receive any communication gear specific to armoured vehicles such as headphones, throat microphones, wires or related stuff, those army-men are appropriate to depict different units, not necessary Panzer.      

The size of the figures encloses them in the tall side of 1/72 and their anatomy as well as general sculpture is more than fine with clear and authentic small details. After removing flash it is mandatory not forgetting priming the figures, otherwise the painting efforts might be endangered even by minor touches, white metal not properly holding enamel, acrylics or artistic oils without previous special treatment.

Panzer crews dressed for winter are pretty rare in the 1/72 scale and the uncommon approach in terms of garment, corroborated with attractive poses supported by nice sculpture as well as the large number of figures advanced in multi-part turn the present set into a very welcome and extremely useful one. Moreover, its capacity of covering not only Panzer troops, but also carious WWII German units as well as the suitability of painting the attire in white, mouse gray or a huge number of camouflage patterns simply increase its value.   


Historical Accuracy 10
Anatomy 9
Poses Quality 9
Details Quality 9
Mould Quality 9
Sculpture 9
Recommendation/Utility 10
Reviewer’s Opinion 9